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  1. I voted for Led Zeppelin IV, although I would pick an earlier album for a blues fan. My boss is learning to play the guitar, but he's not familiar with Jimmy Page, so I lent him my Blu-Ray copy of Song Remains the Same for inspiration. He loved the music (and bought the SRTS audio CD the next day) but he said the conert was hard to watch because...Robert Plant's jeans were too tight!
  2. Think of this list as a popularity contest. All the songs at the top have an enormous base of devotees, even if no individual person loves every single one of them. To each his own. I took lots of top rock song lists off the internet (mostly they were published by radio stations, but there were other types too), and this compilation is an aggregate of songs that other people like. I did this as an experiment, because AFAIK nobody has tried this before for an all-time rock list. It’s also much faster than listening to tens of thousands of songs and then forming my own opinions, because everyone has different tastes and nobody would agree with my opinions, anyway. To address your point, groups like U2 and REM are high on the list because they appear so frequently on many top rock lists. A few times I excluded a list from my compilation because the songs were of such poor quality. But for the most part, I accepted most lists as worthy, compiled the full results and let the chips fall where they may...even if I didn’t agree with the ranking order of the final list. After looking it over, I think there are about 2000 great rock songs that have been published since I found that I liked the top 2000 much better whereas the bottom 4400 is very hit-and-miss as to whether or not I like the song. I could have just published the top 2000, but it took very little extra effort to publish the next 4400 so I figured, why not just post them? Specific songs asked about by another poster: Rainy Day Women by Bob Dylan ranked #1199 and Child in Time was #1012. Like I mentioned above, most songs in the top 2000 are high quality, so these songs are in good company. Yes, they usually rank much higher on Classic Rock lists but, because the scope of this compilation was much larger and this list was longer, most songs rank lower than what people normally expect. As I mentioned in a previous post, I really like Since I’ve Been Loving You and that didn’t crack the top 1000 either, though it came close.
  3. Each of the last two posts hit on some of the same points, especially that my list is too commercial and overlooks influential 1950s rock. I’ll modify my blog to note that it’s largely a commercial list. The Rolling Stones top 500 sounds more like what you’re looking for, since they ranked most of your songs very highly. Most of the lists that I collected came from radio stations, so they reflect songs that receive the most airplay rather than influential songs of the past. I did lots of google searches to collect “Top 1000 rock”, “Top 500 rock”, “Top Classic Rock”, “Top Alternative Rock”, “Top Soft Rock”, “Top Hard Rock”, etc. so that the list would have some variety. But it was really difficult to find lists that included 1950s music. I ended up getting five that included at least some ‘50s. The problem is that the other 32 lists didn’t even consider oldies, so the pre-Beatles era had a hard time cracking this top 300. Songs from 2007-2012 were also under-represented but I’m not sure if that’s because so few kids listen to rock music these days, or because it will take years before the music of Muse, Wolfmother, etc. are fully appreciated. I’d guess a little of both.
  4. Each song gets a score based on where it ranked on 37 different Top Rock lists. Here’s four examples of the total score and rank: #6271 They Say by Scars on Broadway with 103 points. #1099 Since I’ve been Loving You, 831 points. #2 Stairway to Heaven, 7813 points. #1 The Deoderant Song,8816 points. A song at the bottom of the list, like “They Say” only appeared once out of all the lists I looked at. It ranked 958th on a top 1000 list, and so it finished near the bottom of my list. Since I’ve Been Loving You, which I think should be ranked much higher (love the guitars and vocals!), got onto 4 lists, generally ranking in the 200-400 range on each. Decent, but not enough to crack the top 1000. Stairway made it onto 17 lists, including four 1st place, one 2nd, two 3rd, two 4th, etc. (Some of the lists focus on Heavy Metal, Soft Rock, Alternative, Classic, Oldies; that’s why an all-time great song might not appear on half the lists). Teen Spirit made it onto 20 lists, including five 1st, two 2nd, one 3rd, one 4th, one 5th. I was very surprised that Teen Spirit came 1st. I used more Classic Rock than Alternative Rock lists (because it reigned for longer) but Alternative Rock stations very often ranked Teen Spirit #1, probably as a tribute to the song that popularized the genre. Classic Rock stations usually ranked Stairway at or near the top but sometimes it ranks outside the top 10, and so lost some potential points.
  5. I’ve put together a list of the top 6400 rock songs from 1950-2012. These are based on the results of 37 other top rock lists that I got off the internet and then I added the scores for all the songs, which were based upon how often and how high each song ranked on various lists. So these aren’t my personal opinions, and I definitely don’t agree with everything on the list. But I have discovered lots of great songs in putting this together. http://toprocksongs1950-2012.blogspot.ca/ Nirvana beat out Led Zeppelin for the top spot. I don’t agree with it, but that’s the way it goes… Here’s the Zeppelin songs that made the list: #2: Stairway to Heaven #8: Whole Lotta Love #27: Kashmir #44: Rock and Roll #59: Black Dog #119: Ramble On #201: Over the Hills and Far Away #231: Immigrant Song #296: Heartbreaker #298: Dazed and Confused #334: Fool in the Rain #369: D'yer Mak'er #425: All My Love #443: Misty Mountain Hop #534: Going to California #555: What Is and What Should Never Be #568: The Ocean #655: Communication Breakdown #710: When the Levee Breaks #760: Houses of the Holy #783: Good Times Bad Times #884: Trampled Under Foot #974: Thank You #1047: Nobody's Fault But Mine #1099: Since I've Been Loving You #1150: Hey Hey What Can I Do #1274: The Song Remains the Same #1311: How Many More Times #1341: Ten Years Gone #1484: Bring It On Home #1624: Dancing Days #1635: In The Evening #1716: Babe I'm Gonna Leave You #1795: The Lemon Song #1839: The Battle of Evermore #1877: The Rover #1962: Boogie With Stu #2145: No Quarter #2373: The Rain Song #2422: Achilles Last Stand #2435: Custard Pie #2526: Living Loving Maid #2656: Travelling Riverside Blues #3094: Tangerine #3524: Hot Dog #3857: Bron-Y-Aur Stomp #3986: Down by the Seaside #4215: Moby Dick #4219: Four Sticks #4299: That's the Way #4356: The Wanton Song #4752: Your Time Is Gonna Come #4803: For Your Life #5057: South Bound Suarez #5328: You Shook Me #5576: Carouselambra #5669: In My Time of Dying #5705: The Crunge #5796: Darlene #6125: Gallows Pole #6251: I Can't Quit You
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