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  1. Guitar World magazine published an article with recordings of P.J. Proby's album that featured Led Zeppelin. The track Jim's Blues is obviously an early version of "You Shook Me". You can find the article at http://www.guitarworld.com/listen-1969-album-jimmy-page-robert-plant-john-paul-jones-and-john-bonham-recorded-led-zeppelin.
  2. I have scoured the internet and uploaded the best versions of Stairway to Heaven tabs on my site, and there is also a Stairway to Heaven backing track if you you want to play along. You can check them out at http://guitarshed.net/blog/led-zeppelin-backing-tracks-and-guitar-tab/. Happy Playing!
  3. I'd have to say Since I've Been Loving You on TSRTS would have to be my favorite. Tea for One and Ten Years gone would probably be my next two. The raw emotion and passion in the Since I've Been Loving You solo just puts it at the top.
  4. I'm sorry you feel like this is spam, just trying to help out anyone who wants to learn...
  5. Hey everyone! I am new to the LedZeppelin.com forums, and I am excited to join the community of Millions of Led Zeppelin fans. If you are looking to learn some of Zeppelin's jams on guitar, please check out my website www.guitarshed.net. I am posting a collection of Led Zeppelin backing tracks and guitar tabs for you to get started learning some Zeppelin classics. You can check out the collection at http://guitarshed.net/blog/led-zeppelin-backing-tracks-and-guitar-tab/. Please reply or comment on my page to request your favorite track. Shred on! Mike www.guitarshed.net
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