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  1. I watched this morning T&B...I especially liked how he dwelled on the contributions of each member, how it developed, and how it became timeless piece that it is. And then his smile at end of it all. Oh and hats off to the BBC production team behind the piece as well!
  2. I just got the news via other members of the LZ.com family ... I'm saddened beyond belief...from that moment we started taking about Pilates last year we had great exchanges via PM....we were kindered spirits of sorts and even spoke about a day in the future when she would visit me in Italy or me coming to NOLA if RP played there...I sent her a PM not too long ago but I figured she might have been busy but her silence during the re-releases was strange, as she was looking forward to them. It's amazing how you can feel you've made a friend even though you've not met in the flesh. So long, d
  3. As many have said, Portugal have C. Ronaldo, Brazil have Neymar, Argentina have Messi...but Germany have a team. Congratulations to them on their well-deserved win. I felt bad for team Argentina but at least it prevented Maradona from gloating like a pig.
  4. On a lighter note, I've been reading stories that some Brazil fans are actually blaming Mick Jagger for their loss, in that when he goes to the stadium to see the team he's rooting for...his presence jinxes the team. :-)
  5. I understand those ridiculous RS reviews can still burn 40+ years later and I probably would have instinctively done what Jimmy wanted to, but the high road taken by RP and JPJ is admirable - after all, in posterity, Led Zeppelin will be remembered for their outstanding legacy; who is going to remember the name of a critic who dissed them, and why give him a second chance at 15 minutes? Let him slide into the oblivion he merits.
  6. Argentina in the final against Germany 4-2 after penalty kicks.
  7. I'll play... Duran Duran, Skin Trade: The actual lyric is "I know the answer but I'm asking you the question" - I always sang "I know the answer without asking you the question". Spandau Ballet, True, actual lyric: "Always slipping from my hands, sand's a time of its own" Me: "Always slipping from my hands, spending time on the dole"
  8. Final score 7-1...let the riots begin...
  9. This is really becoming humiliating now...5-0!
  10. 20 minutes into the game and already 2-0 for Germany!
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