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  1. I just got the news via other members of the LZ.com family ... I'm saddened beyond belief...from that moment we started taking about Pilates last year we had great exchanges via PM....we were kindered spirits of sorts and even spoke about a day in the future when she would visit me in Italy or me coming to NOLA if RP played there...I sent her a PM not too long ago but I figured she might have been busy but her silence during the re-releases was strange, as she was looking forward to them. It's amazing how you can feel you've made a friend even though you've not met in the flesh. So long, dear friend Brett...may you create three hours of lunacy every night behind St. Peter's gates. You will be missed and thank you for having been in my life, albeit briefly, albeit online, and thank you LZ community for allowing me to have "met" you.
  2. I'll play... Duran Duran, Skin Trade: The actual lyric is "I know the answer but I'm asking you the question" - I always sang "I know the answer without asking you the question". Spandau Ballet, True, actual lyric: "Always slipping from my hands, sand's a time of its own" Me: "Always slipping from my hands, spending time on the dole"
  3. You Were Always on My Mind - Willie Nelson
  4. Condolences to you and your family, JTM. May she Rest In Peace.
  5. Another one that gets me are those who visit countries where English isn't the official language yet throw hissy fits because - shock horror! - no one speaks English.
  6. Not saying get your nails painted but at least put some cream on the heels and do something about fungus - it's not very nice to show off to the world. My dear friends in Oz have told me that people also walk barefoot and go to work wearing flip flops. So yes, I'm prepared for when I go there next year.
  7. Obviously I would be old enough to see LZ at either MSG or the Nassau Coliseum; alas I was more preoccupied with cartoons than anything else! The age I would love to have lived in is the Art Nouveau period (1880-1920 ca.). Also the late sixties; I was around by then but in a playpen watching Popeye and Captain Kangaroo. I miss the 70s - though I was a child I remember them vividly. Thank goodness for YouTube which has all those awesome commercials from that decade.
  8. I think Robert had a VERY nice butt...sorry if this is a Jimmy thread but Robert had, eh, well...
  9. Found some clothes I haven't worn in ten years and they still fit.
  10. Now that it's summer in the northern hemisphere, people who wear sandals, flip flops, etc. without getting a pedicure. While we're on the subject, flip flops should only be confined to beaches or pools, period.
  11. While we're on the subject of the music room Steve, what is that LZ collectible?
  12. She's Got The Look - Roxette
  13. The Look of Love - Dusty Springfield
  14. Same Ol Love - Anita Baker
  15. I heard about it last night. Sad indeed.
  16. Not on the list - I chose Dazed and Confused, with Royal Orleans a close second. If outros were also eligible I'd vote for Out on The Tiles and Kashmir.
  17. Well according to him, old men do it better!
  18. Killing Me Softly - Roberta Flack
  19. Spent most of the weekend at the local record fair, bought lots of LZ stuff, nearly broke the bank but worth it! Next time I'll have to go with no more than 5 euros in my pocket!
  20. The ultimate irony of this total waste of paper is the "lawyer's" signature - adding a star, really? No wonder he risks being disbarred. The wording is dreadful to say the least, considering that this is supposed to be a legal document - it looks as if someone went on the Internet, pastiched together what ever s/he could find, and presented a case. I hope it gets thrown out.
  21. How have you been, T&B? Yep, that outright use of their font might backfire on them - is it perhaps that they subconsciously KNOW they've got a lost cause on their hands? BTW, I always thought Jonesy lived out in the country.
  22. I find it hilarious that the plaintiffs specified the object of litigation with the LZ font.
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