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  1. Yes, the first DVD I got did this every time in the same place before No Quarter. I returned it and the replacement hasn't done it yet.
  2. He was quite specific as well in saying 'four' rather than just 'a few' or something like that. I've found more information in the credits in the mag ; LZ1 - credit for 'Occasional Bass' PG - credit for Acoustic Guitar on 'Boogie With Stu' I can't see any other credits for Guitar though. Wikipedia (if you believe it) suggests he plays Guitar on 'Going to California'.
  3. I've just finished reading the 'Led Zeppelin - Ultimate Music Guide' which has some great interviews. I'm intrigued by a comment Robert makes in a 1977 Interview (from Melody Maker 25/6/77 interview, on page 92). He says 'I play guitar on four tracks on our albums but I wouldn't dare play onstage'. I'm intrigued to know what the four songs are? I think 'Going to California' is one of them, Does anybody know what the four songs are?
  4. They all sold out on the Sunday. I got one mid-afternoon after queuing for 90 minutes at the merchandise stand. That was easy after the 3 hour queue for the tickets!
  5. I'm half way through reading it, and it is OK but nothing that I have not read before. The 'Good Times Bad Times' book sounds good, and I'm waiting for that one to arrive. For UK based fans, there is a good book that you can pick up at the HMV Sale 'Led Zeppelin: The Illustrated Biography' by Gareth Thomas. It is more a photo book than a story book and there were some pics I had never seen before. It was great value at only £5 !! There is a link to it here ; http://hmv.com/hmvweb/simpleMultiSearch.do?searchUID=&pGroupID=books+and+posters&adultFlag=false&primaryID=books+and+posters&simpleSearchString=led+zeppelin
  6. This is a great thread. Thanks for posting Knebby. Would love to know a bit more about Benji LeFevre if anybody has any info?
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