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  1. This is pretty good. Jeff Buckley cover of 'When The Levee Breaks'
  2. Yes, the first DVD I got did this every time in the same place before No Quarter. I returned it and the replacement hasn't done it yet.
  3. I also went to the Coventry and Milton Keynes shows.They were all great shows, and it was a rare opportunity to see Robert play at such small intimate venues.
  4. I saw Priory around 4 times during 2000, and they were really good. Here is a link to some pics I took from December 2000 (Derby and Wolverhampton) ; https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4156993396745.172363.1041279033&type=3&l=190f6bbd71
  5. He was quite specific as well in saying 'four' rather than just 'a few' or something like that. I've found more information in the credits in the mag ; LZ1 - credit for 'Occasional Bass' PG - credit for Acoustic Guitar on 'Boogie With Stu' I can't see any other credits for Guitar though. Wikipedia (if you believe it) suggests he plays Guitar on 'Going to California'.
  6. I've just finished reading the 'Led Zeppelin - Ultimate Music Guide' which has some great interviews. I'm intrigued by a comment Robert makes in a 1977 Interview (from Melody Maker 25/6/77 interview, on page 92). He says 'I play guitar on four tracks on our albums but I wouldn't dare play onstage'. I'm intrigued to know what the four songs are? I think 'Going to California' is one of them, Does anybody know what the four songs are?
  7. My DW2 vinyl arrived the day before yesterday although I only got to open it today. I got number 190 of 1000. Has anybody else received theirs yet?
  8. I have a really unusual misprinted LZ1 CD cover. I saw it in a shop 10 years ago and snapped it up. I've never seen one anywhere else since. It looks like the monolith in 2001 (and I bought it in 2001). Picture here ; https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2565889540143.140288.1041279033&type=1&l=08412f98aa Has anybody else ever seen one of these misprints anywhere?
  9. Here are pics I took at the show (79 in all). They are a bit dark unfortunately as I was distant and using a compact. https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.2487186572618.138760.1041279033&type=1&l=6757e56506
  10. It might be worth trying to track down Norman Hanna who lived in Belfast and attended and recorded the show. There is a bit about this on the TBL web site ; Until recently the only recorded remnant of that Irish visit was their March 6th date at Dublin’s Boxing Stadium. Now in a perfect piece of timing, a very rare recording has emerged of the Belfast Ulster Hall show. It was captured by one Norman Hanna – 20 years old at the time. He smuggled-in a newly purchased Phillips cassette recorder and taped the show some two thirds of the way back with the cassette machine positioned on the floor. Unsurprisingly this newly discovered tape has been negotiated into the hands of the ever enterprising Japanese label Empress Valley and will probably have emerged by the time you are reading this as a deluxe four CD set containing the Belfast and Dublin shows. More information here on TBL ; http://www.tightbutloose.co.uk/tblweb09/?p=9276
  11. Had stayed up hoping to see the site unveiled, but can't wait any longer as need to be up at 6am. Bet it goes up just as I sign out
  12. It was also released on a 2 DVD set a couple of years back remastered and restored - 'Magick Lantern Cycle'. It contains 10 films including Lucifer Rising, and some special features including commentaries by Kenneth Anger. I've only watched Lucifer Rising so far though, but the quality seemed pretty good. You can get it now for £7.99 and it is also on Blu-ray. Here is the link ; http://www.moviemail-online.co.uk/scripts/search_results.pl?searchterm=kenneth+anger&image.x=0&image.y=0
  13. No problem. I've had to compress them as the originals were about 5MB each. Love the JB Pendant that Debbie wears! :-)
  14. I've seen her play twice. At the Canterbury festival in 2002, and at the Cambridge Rock Festival last year. She is great! I also saw 'Sons Of Albion' at the Cambridge Rock Festival in 2009 and they were also really good. I got some nice pictures at Cambridge on each occasion :-)
  15. I think they would have been definitely aware of the mis-spelling, and believe this was left in intentionally. I laughed when I saw it on the DVD for the first time.
  16. There is a web page with some interesting comments. Mostly nothing new, but the penultimate paragraph was interesting ; 26 Jul 2005 High Hopes Hailla Ball The liner notes for Led Zeppelin's album Houses of the Holy contain the lyrics for all of the songs therein, and The Ocean is clearly shown to contain the line "Got a date, can't be late for the high hopes hailla ball." Even so, the last four words of that line bear scant resemblance to what's in the actual song, and many different theories have been sugested about what Robert Plant sings, usually revolving around the somewhat specious suggestion of "hellhound", as in the famous Robert Johnson song Hellhound on my Trail. Unfortunately, there's no mention as to whether the lyrics are directly from the artist or transcribed by the record company, but they're definitely unreliable in other places too. They say, for example, that the line before the one in question starts with "ain't" whereas in actual fact it starts with "got", and even the beginning of the line in question itself goes "I got a date, I can't be late", so that's different too. On a site devoted to Song Meanings, one commenter has noted that the lyrics seem to be "hell high hella ball" in the version on How The West Was Won, which is actually how I'd transcribe the Houses of the Holy version were it not for the liner notes. Jeff Lybarger, too, agrees that the album version seems to start with "hell high", and both the How The West Was Won and Led Zeppelin DVD versions also sound like they start with "hell high", though more interestingly it seems that the third word in both of those versions ends with an "s". Only one site contained the transcription "hell high haillas ball", and even that's now down, preserved only in the Web Archive. Googling for the word "hailla" brings up only 1,320 results, and about half of those refer to the song with the rest being names of things or otherwise unrelated. On the other hand, the word "heilla" brings up 16,300 results, mainly Icelandic, and some of those are pretty interesting. I doubt this is related, but in a page on Old Norse it says that the word "holy" is related to the word "health", and moreover to the Old Norse word "heilla", which means "to invoke spirits". It may just be that the syllables are space fillers, an inside joke, or something like a placename or actual event that therefore has a slightly weird pronunciation, but until Robert Plant himself clears the mystery up I don't think we'll find out for sure.
  17. I have got both the original Blu-ray that was withdrawn, and the re-released one. Both have exactly the same catalogue number (Z1 Y15711) The original withdrrawn release had audio problems on Moby Dick, and so the updated version remedied this. The updated version also has the Cameron Crowe Radio profile spotlight removed, which I believe was for copyright reasons. I'm not aware of a blu-ray 2 disc release though?
  18. I've always thought that the white doves refers to San Fransisco, when they released doves into the crowd. It is fairly well documented, including here ; britrockbythebay.blogspot.com/2010/.../led-zeppelin-june-1973.html "Another memorable moment was at the end of "Stairway." They brought out a large box and released some white doves. The birds were not that eager to leave and some had to be coaxed out. One dove flew up, but then flew back and landed on Robert Plant's hand. Jimmy Page put his guitar down and walked over. Plant and Page stood there petting the bird, which seemed very much at home in Robert's hand". I personally think the lyrics are slightly different to the common transcription and are (IMHO) ; From the houses of the Holy We can watch the white doves go, from the dark of Satans dawning And it only goes to show. As far as the lyrics go, yeah, I think Houses of the holy are the stadiums and auditoriums, the white doves indicate, that Zeppelin were always there for the goodness and peace and so on and the satan's daughter in my opinion(who elses?) represents the evil which is just always around the corner and I guess also makes it's way to a Zeppelin concert in the form of a few people who didn't come to listen, but are just jiving around and throwing fire crackers and selling pirate posters and evil is also reflected in songs like Dazed and confused, although that song is certainly not promoting evil, no Zep song does that. Leave that to the metal guys!
  19. What an amazing collection! It would be fantastic to see the articles gradually appearing on the site, but indeed a massive undertaking to do this!
  20. I ordered mine the first or second day after the book went on sale, so should hopefully be in the first batch. The 'LID' magazine arrived on Friday which has some pictures from the book, and an Interview with JP about the book. Cannot wait for the book now!
  21. But would Robert have used an italian transcription of the word amber? When he could have just called the song 'Carouselamber'. Then again, it could be a mis-spelling that crept in, as with Bron-y-aur stomp & Southbound Saurez? It would be nice to have a definitive answer, but I guess we will never know for sure. Robert said in an interview some years back that the lyrics are all about the latter days of the band, and he can't understand the lyrics anymore!
  22. I would ask something that I would really love to know ; 'what does the word Carouselambra mean?' The 'Carousel' bit seems fairly obvious, but 'ambra' is not a word. 'Carouse' is also a word meaning to 'drink plentiful alcohol and enjoy oneself in a noisy way', but 'Lambra' is also not a word. An interpretation I heard that seems reasonable is that it is a combination of 'Carousel' and the 'Alhambra' - referring to the fortified palace in Grenada, Spain.
  23. Thanks for everybody's help. The highest res I can seem to find for some of the albums is 800x800, so I'd be interested if anybody knows of higher res scans. I'd scan the LP artwork myself, but the albums are too big to fit my scanner Guess I could maybe photograph them though if it comes to it.
  24. I remember about 6 months ago seeing a link either here (or on R-O) to high res official album covers. I can't seem to find the link anymore though. Does anybody have a link to where I can find official artwork? I am looking for all covers, in particular the 6 ITTOD covers (front&back) if possible. Thanks for any info anybody is able to provide.
  25. Does anybody know anything about the music that sounds like 'Thank You'. I looked at the songs listed at the end, and it is not listed as far as I can tell, so was probably recorded just for the film?
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