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Fernando Gongora

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  1. Fernando Gongora

    They won their first grammy!

    Congratulations to the guys! Jimmy, John, Robert and John...without them all, there would be no Led Zeppelin! Truly deserved, and the fact that Zep can win an award 34 years after splitting up, says alot. Edit: Sorry for the typo in the title, I was too excited
  2. Fernando Gongora

    2014 Grammy Awards - January 26th/2014

    Your post just gave me chills
  3. Fernando Gongora

    2014 reunion?

    Hope not, their legacy and myth must remain intact.
  4. Fernando Gongora

    Physical Graffiti

    The first time I heard The Rover, it just blowed me away so hard, I had to pause it and hear it from the begining again, that riff is insane, the album as a whole doesn't convince me as much as I, Ii & III but it has so many powerful songs, Kashmir alone makes it a gem.
  5. Fernando Gongora

    Best LZ Documentary

    Hello there, I've been looking for this in the forum and haven't found anything. Sorry if this is isn't in the right zone or if it's been already posted or wtvr. Well, I want you people to recommend me the bests LD documentaries, I've already seen TSRTS and the Celebration Day documentary, but I'm looking more like a tv one, like the "Which one's Pink?" of Pink Floyd, I think that was made by the BBC but I'm not really sure, it contained never seen pictures and pieces of early day's performances and the whole story of Pink Floyd with a lot of not so well-known details and it was narrated by a BBC woman, besides the four member's comments, so if there's a documentary of Led Zeppelin with all those characteristics please let me now. Greetings from the land of Tequila!
  6. Fernando Gongora

    GnR forums are Hijacking a poll a Ultimate Classic Rock...

    I don't even consider GnR or Kiss to be more of a classic rock band than The Beatles or The Beach Boys. That poll is a joke, we shouldn't really care about it.
  7. Fernando Gongora

    Jimmy Page Interview 1984

    lol at the wig getting more attention than the very interview.
  8. Fernando Gongora

    Jimmy Page at the Lez Zeppelin show in London 14/06/2013

    Nice to see he's at least still interested in music tho.
  9. Fernando Gongora

    Imperfection on The Ocean

    Hmmm, never noticed that, I'll check my cd now, I usually listen to mp3 so that must be.
  10. Fernando Gongora

    Favorite Album Opener

    GT,BT without a doubt. It always gets me the chills.
  11. Fernando Gongora

    Best Album for a Zeppelin Newcomer?

    LZI worked like a charm for me.
  12. Fernando Gongora

    Zeppelin's best album

    How is Mothership even there? I loathe compilations.
  13. Fernando Gongora

    Led Zeppelin fan age

    I'm 18 and people are always bugging me, saying I'm not being sincere when it comes to my musical tastes, because the Beatles, Zeppelin, Floyd etc are for old men. There are some ignorant and dumb people out there...
  14. Fernando Gongora

    Hot Pics of Robert

    Jesus. As a gay man, I have to say Robert is one of the sexiest men ever, it's not just he's looks, also his personality, his talent, his presence, holy, he's the whole package.
  15. Fernando Gongora

    How often do you listen to Led Zeppelin?

    At least one album a day, I have listened their whole discography in a row several times too. It's all about the mood I'm in.