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  1. Good to see the young members are listening to the Best Band on the planet
  2. Thats what i like to hear rainsong71, 71 was avery good year, got to see the boys in Toronto that year
  3. BBS was sitting at his desk in grade 9, in 1969, the teacher had his am radio on for us, around lunch time, d j said here is a new band from england this song is Good Times Bad Times. Love my site name. Still rings true.
  4. Where there any of you at these Concerts on those dates.? Please reply
  5. Sept 4 1971 Toronto. April 30 1977 Pontiac.
  6. Yes photos i have not seem for some time. I was at Pontiac Michigan April 30 1977. What can i say. Wonderful memories, i bet the weather is a little warmer there than the Beach
  7. I live at the worlds longest fresh water beach. Wasaga Beach Ontario Canada. In summer time
  8. Ya Jimmy asked me to fill in for him, There is no recording of this
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