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  1. Fever dog by stillwater from the film `Almost famous` yes I know.................
  2. Me again,I read in Susan Fasts book that they attempted a reggae version of Stairway................that too would have been awful to hear(IMO).Its not that I dont like reggae music ,I do but to hear Zep do it IMO is wrong! Discuss.
  3. Wife phoned me aerlier to tell me she had booked ....,yipeee...first time at the manc apollo in a wheelchair,hope they cater.
  4. I own three silvers, one I bought from Howard mylett in the early 90s and I have two godfather box sets ,but everything els is download ,boot prices are to silly to pay IMO unless your minted and desparate to own copies of them.
  5. Did you not read my apology for my comments?obviously not ,jaysus what is it with you lot.are you gonna be another nutcocker to me?
  6. Ha ha ,I at least had the decency to reply to you over this matter in private but you had to bring it here and now you look and sound like a fool .I aint going nowhere.why am I a self righteous,obnoxious prick?Your right on one thing though I do have nothing positive to contribute to this discussion,because I DONT LIKE THE CHUFFIN SONG .ner, ner.And if your ever in the UK come along and tell me to go fuck myself to my face you silly billy.Going off to fuck myself now. Blah blah blah blah blah ...go fuck yerself, buddy ...it's painfully obvious that you have absolutely NOTHING positive to contribute to this discussion, or this forum, for that matter. I don't give a fuck if you did see the band at Earls Court or whatever other Zeppelin experiences you claim to have had. I don't give a fuck if you have been a long time lurker; you act like a newbie and you post like a goddamn newbie. I'm not here to be respected, asshole, I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to make positive contributions to the Zeppelin community, by sharing recordings, passing along knowledge and maybe -just maybe- being able to come across shows I've been searching for for years. It's self righteous, obnoxious pricks like you that make me wonder why the fuck I have anything to do with this community at all, and it's also tossers like you that give the Zeppelin community such a bad reputation. So I repeat: go fuck yerself, newbie. Find another fuckin' forum to troll in.
  7. Actually I dont want to post what just posted here now.
  8. And IMO Nutrocker you aint earned my respect yet.Melcore and sue I apolgies for my inane comments on the song and its merits(!)but at least you didnt rag on me as nutrocker deemed fit to do.
  9. My reasons are... I just dont like it ,its not Zep.As i said IMO,if it make me an asshole for not liking it then an asshole I am ,im not stupid enough to believe that everything zep ever done is the greatest thing to mankind But I dont like it and I skip it on the CD, I even skipped it when I had the vinyl.Tact ..diplomacy ..what the feck is this place ..church...just because someone doesnt like something that "respected forum veterans" do like does not make you gods ,your people with an interest in band for fecks sake ,lifes a bitch, Zep did a turkey so get over it and if Im banned from this place for not liking something......so what .I still wont like the feckin song
  10. Ive bben searching since then and only found one site but as i mentioned ,they`d all been sold ,ive even read about a magazine called boot led zeppelin ,know anything about that one steve?
  11. I read about this magazine ages ago and since then I have been trying to find copies online to buy but with no luck (i did find 1 site but every copy was sold out), so can anyone help in finding copies?or point me to a web site where I might ruchase the magazine. Steve.
  12. Cause it was shite and still is shite,the biggest Zep mistake ever.
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