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  1. I know this has been discussed in the past given the wide availability of the Crystal Bay bootleg, but this new article at Ultimate Classic Rock has interviews with members of both local bands Jimmy got up onstage with in the spring of 1991 in Lake Tahoe. Interesting how the shows he did with Public Eye consisted of mainly Zeppelin songs when none of them were performed at Crystal Bay. Also, playing bass and doing a Yardbirds only set? That's wild.
  2. A handy - and extensive - list of the things of note the three have done since the band broke up, courtesy of Ultimate Classic Rock. Forgive me if this belongs in 'News'.
  3. As much as I believe Gorman, and if you read his book he really isn't grinding an axe, just telling things like they were, I don't understand if it were true why Jimmy would get up onstage with The Black Crowes in 2011 if he was so insulted? I wish Steve would have addressed that.
  4. Working on an anniversary piece on 'Walking Into Clarksdale' (jouro here_ and came across a really interesting exchange. Dean Goodman talked to Page & Plant in a dual interview and posed the question: "I UNDERSTAND YOU APPROACHED JOHN PAUL JONES THIS TIME, BUT HE TURNED YOU DOWN?" (caps his, not mine) Robert and Jimmy did their typical evasive attempt at humor to deflect the conversation, with the former basically saying nobody would be interested either way, Regardless, I'm curious, because I've never heard that Jonesy was even in the conversation at the time. It would have been incredibly interesting to see what JPJ brought to the table. Anyone else even remotely aware of this?
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