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  1. As much as I believe Gorman, and if you read his book he really isn't grinding an axe, just telling things like they were, I don't understand if it were true why Jimmy would get up onstage with The Black Crowes in 2011 if he was so insulted? I wish Steve would have addressed that.
  2. Working on an anniversary piece on 'Walking Into Clarksdale' (jouro here_ and came across a really interesting exchange. Dean Goodman talked to Page & Plant in a dual interview and posed the question: "I UNDERSTAND YOU APPROACHED JOHN PAUL JONES THIS TIME, BUT HE TURNED YOU DOWN?" (caps his, not mine) Robert and Jimmy did their typical evasive attempt at humor to deflect the conversation, with the former basically saying nobody would be interested either way, Regardless, I'm curious, because I've never heard that Jonesy was even in the conversation at the time. It would have been incredibly interesting to see what JPJ brought to the table. Anyone else even remotely aware of this?
  3. The show is dedicated to Led Zeppelin. The interviewer asks about Led Zeppelin. It's not a show review, it's an interview. Also, regarding the JBLZE, he asks him: 1. Hardest songs to play 2. How he decides on what version of the songs to play 3. About the songs he's playing live that are underrated. It's for the mainstream as well, and the line of questioning was meant to cover a wide range of topics that many people are not that familiar with.
  4. Vanyaland has a pretty wide ranging interview with Jason today. He talks about playing with Jimmy on the Outrider tour and says that "In my heart of hearts" that he thinks Zep will perform again.
  5. Hey Friends...Vanyaland has another prize pack giveaway to celebrate the release of Physical Graffiti...and this one is super simple to enter. Check it out!
  6. Here's what I learned from the book: Robert wanted to leave Zeppelin before In Through the Out Door...but Jimmy threatened to bring in Roy Harper as the new singer so Robert freaked out and came back. Fate of Nations is the high point in Plant's career - it's a masterpiece in every conceivable way. Walking Into Clarksdale was the low point...but not as low as Coverdale/Page - Coverdale was nothing more than a shrieker in the vein of Axl Rose. No one else in Zeppelin respected Robert. He showed them by having the most successful solo career. Touring with Jimmy for Unledded was horrible. Jimmy wouldn't associate with anyone else on the road - including Robert (yet somehow they then went on to make a new album and tour extensively again). "Battle of Evermore" is the greatest Led Zeppelin song ever written - because of the lyrics. It should be more recognized than "Stairway" Robert hated Peter Grant, who strong armed/manipulated Robert into incessant recording and touring even though peers like Pink Floyd and ELP (!?!?!) would put years between albums and tours. Presence was the worst album Zeppelin ever made, and it was, again, because Peter pushed Robert into making it before he was ready. Robert never really liked Jimmy, who was nice to him at first, but was jealous of all the attention Plant got once the band got going, then treated him like a real meanie. Everyone in the band partook in debauchery on the road (Jonesy not so much) but Robert was content to just be on his own, going to check out a band or something relaxed. Robert was miserable gearing up for the O2 show. A black cloud hung over the rehearsals and the show itself, which wasn't very good anyway. The only reason why the Jimmy, John and Jason were rehearsing with other singers was to make Robert come running and join them. But Robert doesn't need Led Zeppelin - and he never did in the first place. Jimmy had a 30-some date tour of America booked for the U.S. for Zeppelin in 2008, but Robert refused and Jimmy had to have it canceled.
  7. Also, as we're all aware, the band reunited at Jason's wedding. This book claims that they did so at Carmen and Charlie's wedding. Has anyone else heard this before?
  8. Absolutely terrible book. It's got a very anti-Zeppelin tone, which is just bizarre, and the author (Dave Thompson) goes on and on multiple times about "Battle of Evermore" and how it is a band highlight - especially lyrically. In the foreword, the guy seems bitter that the Robert Plant: A Life book came out before his, and denounces every other book that has come out on Plant and/or Zep as worthless - especially with those that are sourced by people who actually know the subject(s) personally because most have an axe to grind. Then again, the press release touts Thompson as the "author of over 100 books on rock and pop culture." That's a red flag right away. There's lots of "writers" out there who churn out book after book on a variety or musical acts, and it always feels a bit disconnected and impersonal. The writing is usually stale, filled with 25 cent words and feels like nothing more than a way to make a quick buck on fans that will buy anything with the artist's name on it. Not-so-coincidentally, this comes out the week after Pagey's book in October.
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