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  1. Hi Everyone, Hope you're all having a good weekend. I've not been on here for years and it's good to see it's all still going strong. So...between 2003 and 2007 I was quite active in supporting JImena with her ABC venture. It manifested itself with a few invites to charity evenings at which I was fortunate enough to meet Jimmy (along with a lot of other most interesting people). Jimena had support from Cooper Owen Auctioneers at these evenings and I was fortunate enough to bid/win on a few things over the years. I own the 'George Harrison by Barry Novis' you can se
  2. Jimmy. Get busy. Please and Thanks.......
  3. Spent? Personally I think he's gone. Done. Spent. Every day I try new music (mojo,Q,uncut etc.) and find something to make me grin. Most days I put on Zep and think 'Retro'. Some days I put on Percy's solo stuff and think..... ......I think Jimmy is now almost cartoon character hobbled by his own legacy and daft pouting public image. Shit or get off the pot JPP. Your legacy is growing a big feckin long beard and beginning to smell of lavender.
  4. I was very lucky...... Predictably I failed to be allocated tickets in the ballot. I was resigned to the fact that I wouldn't be going. There was no way I even considered asking my contacts within the Zep Camp as I assumed they would be inundated. I know Ross Halfin a little but even when he asked if I had tickets I made it clear that I did not expect any favours. He was with Bill Curbishly when we had our telephone call and Bill told Ross that 'there will be tickets available on the day'. I reiterated that I didn't expect anything. On the Friday of the week before the gig I had a call..
  5. I must remember my legs on Monday as they will get me to places.
  6. Clearly some retard. ( the same one that keeps asking for 'respect' because quite plainly she's incapable of earning it for herself) Who is that stoopid woman and why does she imagine her banality is of any interest to the masses??
  7. Anyone 'of official capacity' think this might be frowned upon? If so, I'll refrain.
  8. If you go here on Monday night..... http://aliged2202.blogspot.com/2007_12_01_archive.html I'll upload pictures live from my Mobile as the evening progresses.
  9. The Guys themselves said it was shit. Now some guy comes on this Forum telling everyone that he knows better? Beggars belief!
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