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  1. Hi Everyone, Hope you're all having a good weekend. I've not been on here for years and it's good to see it's all still going strong. So...between 2003 and 2007 I was quite active in supporting JImena with her ABC venture. It manifested itself with a few invites to charity evenings at which I was fortunate enough to meet Jimmy (along with a lot of other most interesting people). Jimena had support from Cooper Owen Auctioneers at these evenings and I was fortunate enough to bid/win on a few things over the years. I own the 'George Harrison by Barry Novis' you can see him working on at this link https://www.barrynovis.com/. This was bought at The Embassy Club ABC event at which Jimmy stood on my Wife's foot and broke her shoe-strap. Yes, she was literally Trampled Underfoot! and he apologised most graciously.. 😉 Anyway, I have a number of collectables. The Boss and I are looking at downsizing and moving permanently to Italy over the next year. As a result, I'm considering moving a few things on. One of these is the Amp shown below. Cooper Owen had an online auction with a range of items and this particular Lot was ''all proceeds to ABC Trust''. I got distracted with Life and forgot to put in a bid at the time. It failed to reach it's reserve on the day and the MD at ABC called me to ask if I was interested. His only other call was to ask me If I had tickets for the O2 gig and if I didn't would I like 2? Another story......... So , yes I bought the Amp and it's been with me ever since. Pride of place in the Living Room. :-) I have the certificate of Authenticity from Cooper Owen which I can show to any genuinely interested parties via PM. I will categorically state that I have no proof as to whether Jimmy did or did not use this amp however I very much doubt it as it came in immaculate condition and in the original Orange box (can't find the damn thing). I'll never know unless I ask Jimmy and a route to that seems very unlikely these days... As to value...well...I'm really not sure but I thought you'd all get a kick out of seeing this....
  2. Jimmy. Get busy. Please and Thanks.......
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