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  1. Happy New Year, fellow Zepheads!
  2. A couple of days ago while watching <Black Dog> from 2007 concert, I noticed how Jimmy's movements were so silmilar to those he made in that 1957 video clip.
  3. I haven't laughed this hard for a long time. And his interviews are hilarious, so cool, so honest, so straightforward.
  4. I don't, I'm really sorry. Somebody scanned the page and uploaded it. If I can find the link, I'll post it here.
  5. I still remember the first moment I saw their [New Year's Day] music video in 1983. (Yes, they came late to Korea...) I knew they were going to be big; the only problem was how big. I watched them through their [under a Blood Red Sky] concert film, then [unforgettable Fire], and then Live Aid... They were not polished musicians but sometimes greatness doesn't come from skill. Their energy was overpowering and their sincerity was heartfelt. Last night I saw [uABRS] again and was pleasantly surprised at how powerful the songs from [boy], [October], and [War] were. Led Zep
  6. As a movie buff, I've always thought it was cool that John Paul got that stage name from a French actor...
  7. OK, so he is perfection itself! Who can dare deny that? Second one kind of belongs in the "Hot Pics of John Paul Jones" thread...
  8. Hello! I knew I was going to run into you here sooner or later. Your posts on the Youtube are excellent. I'm enjoying them hugely. Thanks!!!!!!
  9. It always makes me wonder how four talented and beautiful people got together, liked each other enough to work together for 12 years, and then after 30+ years, still can remain friends. Just amazing.
  10. God, he's too good to be true.
  11. Well, I'm a Korean, and I have my own online streaming service, but from what I have read people have been complaining for years for the absence of LZ songs on spotify. So, congratulations,
  12. Tiny Tim and Terry Reid have my eternal gratitude ...
  13. Robert Plant certainly helped me to understand the phrase "to have the whole package."
  14. When I was a naive pre-teen, I always wondered why the photographers perferred low angle shots whenever they had a chance to take a picture of our Golden God...
  15. I don't want to single one out... every song on [LZ 3] is relevant to me for some reason. I have listened to this for more than 25 years and naturally it has become a part of my life... At first, I thought this album was just a novelty, too experimental, too strange but its beauty and sincerity started to dawn on me. However, I can pick my least favorite one, [Hats Off to Roy Harper]. Never really liked Roy... never had a real chance to listen to him.
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