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  1. Happy New Year, fellow Zepheads!
  2. I don't, I'm really sorry. Somebody scanned the page and uploaded it. If I can find the link, I'll post it here.
  3. As a movie buff, I've always thought it was cool that John Paul got that stage name from a French actor...
  4. OK, so he is perfection itself! Who can dare deny that? Second one kind of belongs in the "Hot Pics of John Paul Jones" thread...
  5. It always makes me wonder how four talented and beautiful people got together, liked each other enough to work together for 12 years, and then after 30+ years, still can remain friends. Just amazing.
  6. God, he's too good to be true.
  7. Tiny Tim and Terry Reid have my eternal gratitude ...
  8. Robert Plant certainly helped me to understand the phrase "to have the whole package."
  9. When I was a naive pre-teen, I always wondered why the photographers perferred low angle shots whenever they had a chance to take a picture of our Golden God...
  10. I don't want to single one out... every song on [LZ 3] is relevant to me for some reason. I have listened to this for more than 25 years and naturally it has become a part of my life... At first, I thought this album was just a novelty, too experimental, too strange but its beauty and sincerity started to dawn on me. However, I can pick my least favorite one, [Hats Off to Roy Harper]. Never really liked Roy... never had a real chance to listen to him.
  11. I've never seen this picture.
  12. The Who was / is a great band no doubt about it, but they and nobody have ever given the shock and awe listening to [Whole Lotta Love] for the first time has given me. Almost every LZ song is enough to make any band proud - from [LZ1] to [Physical Graffiti] their albums were one long stream of pure brilliance, exploding creativity, and unsurpassable genius. And honestly as a woman, LZ oozes so much sexual energy - I can rock hard to [i Can See for Miles], [My Generation], and [Won't Get Fooled Again] but listening to LZ excites me, turns me on, makes me lightheaded. Of course, LZ songs are sometimes downright dirty and explicit but I'm not talking about just sex. What I'm trying to say is their music convinces me they were capable of everything and anything and I kind of want to lose myself in their power. It is repulsive to even think that I can be such a hero-worshipping, spit-drooling, totally fangirling person, but at the same time I think why not, why I have to deny myself something that feels so great. The Who, with all their glory and talent, has never done that to me.
  13. I would like to think of our working relationship as very special. Ive never had anyone else that I can approach with any sort of unusual musical idea—no matter how strange they might be—and receive immediate reactions. Robert and I have always had this understanding that is almost impossible to describe. - Jimmy Page(from an interview with [Hit Parader]) Isn't that sweet?
  14. yialison

    Robert's Hair

    I do believe that if our boys had been one percent less musically accomplished, they could have been dismissed as "a bunch of good-looking posers."
  15. If I say I want him to myself only, will it make me incredibly greedy?
  16. I read this interview, too. My opinion? I thought it was too funny, but at the same time... can you imagine him working together with anyone for a long time?
  17. I'm rather busy at the office right now... but wtf, this thread has been uncharacteristically quiet for some time...
  18. yialison

    Robert's Hair

    Hahaha, last Friday my family had a little gathering and watched LZ DVDs. (Yes, we are that kind of a family...) And one of my sisters sighed, "Robert Plant was too beautiful to be true..."
  19. I've heard it somewhere that JPJ didn't like to be photographed / filmed at least in LZ days. BTW, I heard [The Lemon Song] the other day. Fantastic to think they did it at one go and more fantastic JPJ's bass.
  20. One of my favorite pictures of him... No matter what happens. I love you , Jimmy!
  21. I'm a huge movie fan - between 250 and 300 a year for the last 20 years. English is my second language. Everyone in my family(and most of my friends) is into rock music, that is the only reason I'm not afraid of anyone criticizing or intervening in my obsession with LZ.
  22. yialison


    I've always thought that each member of LZ is "arguably" the best of his field except Bonham. I've never heard a rock drummer with more power, precision, speed, timing, subtlety, groove... He was simply the best. RIP, John Henry Bonham.
  23. As a teacher myself, I think this must have been the most interesting lesson yet.
  24. But he was perfect at that RAH gig... his knit vest and jeans... god, only Zeppelin's music can be as beautiful as Jimmy...
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