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  1. Agreed . Would love to hear him " Dig Deep" on that topic. Maybe he did and I missed it.
  2. I always thought it was a blend of a trendy sound of the time, and the processing/effects was a way to mask his vocal shortcomings.
  3. I'm glad to see Jonesy is out there and he seems inspired, but this is extremely tedious for me to listen to. It's cacophonous...no groove, nothing lyrical.... uninteresting harmonically. Sounds like cerebral wanking. The recent project names are dreadful too....Tres Chipotle Pimps .
  4. My YouTube channel name is now Bonhamology. Here is a video which illustrates my various Playlists.
  5. Audio is supposedly a new source, from the filmer. (?) It sounds great.
  6. Thank you for putting this more are tick you lately than my attempt, it's basically what I was trying to say. p.s. that's how autocorrect spelled it, and I'm just going to leave it at that. 😄
  7. Thanks so much!! 👊🏼
  8. Can someone share this another way? The link is not working in the guitars101 post
  9. Agreed. Doubtful it would have gone as far in recent times as it did then. The world was way different, Zep were a product of that time, post hippy, counter culture. Blues, soul, folk and funk influencing rock and roll, the blues figuring prominently. Now all of that is bygone, and there are "Schools Of Rock". Radio is very different from what it once was. Rock was much more present on the airwaves. Frankly, the hypothesis is too vague...would Zeppelin have broke and become the biggest band nowadays, exactly as they were? I doubt it. Again, how could they be, as they were ... now?? They were a product of their time.
  10. Interesting to come across this post from a couple years back. I believe the tape holder referred to here is the daughter of a Showco employee who passed away a while ago, and she was looking for buyers at the time of a load of tapes, and memorabilia from many bands. Someone here may know more about it.
  11. He's on fire! I love how he played this song in 71, pummeling pile driver!
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