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  1. This is such an important find. Hearing SIBLY from this show is just mind blowing...a superb rendition. Jimmy's on fire throughout this show , especially Heartbreaker, Black Dog , SIBLY and Dazed. Thanks so much to all involved in bringing this source to light. 👍🏻👏🏼
  2. Wow, really?! Well, shut my mouth.
  3. Never mind , I found it. I always figured Jonesy must've handled the marimba duties on FITR. I doubt they hired a percussionist but if they did, they aren't credited.
  4. Does anyone have the photo from Polar that apparently showed the GX1 and a marimba? I recall seeing that but I cannot find it anywhere! Mandela Effect?? 🙃
  5. LED WALLET...LOL, yes. 🤣
  6. Well the idea of the Object may have been inpired by 2001 , but the physical style of it definitely is more resemblant of the Dali drawing. The twist.
  7. Very cool...strange that he doesn't have any other content on his channel. 🤔
  8. Some of these are really magnificent, very moody and beautiful vivid color. Awesome find!! 👍🏼
  9. I saw that 71 tour set and was thinking about purchasing it, but it annoyed me that they didn't put the complete show on 4 LPS. Same with one of the Fillmore shows I think, it's also incomplete. I don't know why they do that, just press another LP and charge a little more. Did you enjoy the 71 tour release?
  10. Oh wow, I wish I had known about this last week! I just recorded a play along drum video to this show and will post it on the anniversary of the gig, Friday. I would have liked to have used your version. Thanks for the work you've been doing!
  11. Appreciate that, happy new year as well. My channel has every studio song except Moby Dick , and full 73, and 75 tour set covers, a complete RAH note for note, as well as numerous demos and tutorials. No one else has as much Bonham content on the YouTubes. 😊https://youtube.com/channel/UCyPPcUtsiLoagS62b4qkYtg
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