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  1. Just saw this after my post above. 👍🏼 Agreed.
  2. Yeah, but it doesn't make sense he'd be singing like that at a soundcheck when his voice was completely fucked on that date. I would bet it's from Atlanta early in the tour but its never been confirmed.
  3. Thank you! We decided against that because it's kind of annoying , we think, to do the Brady bunch thing and not be sure what screen to look at. We do post individual instrument cams for each video so you can watch the bass, drums or guitar entirely. That said, maybe we will do more triple cam views.
  4. Yes, indeed it is....yet for me it reaffirms how frustrating it is that there is so little of them on film in good quality. That mistrust within the camp really didn't do well for posterity.
  5. I always heard he had surgery after the US summer 72 tour, before going to Japan, and he blew his voice out because he got back at it too soon in Japan in Oct. Also, he was sick with flu in Jan 73 and kept right on wailing through that tour and the European tour in March and April. His voice was toast through Jan -April, especially in Southampton, Liverpool, Stoke....all those dates feature painfully bad vocals.
  6. I stick with dime, Traders Den, Zomb. Never had any issues. Never see ads there.
  7. Maybe there will be a more mainstream release, non- signed? I hope.
  8. Thanks, appreciate that! Yeah, drum cam will eventually be posted as well as the others. We are trying to expand a little bit with some of these versions rather than just play studio replicas, because no one will ever do that as well. I hear a little bit of Tony iommi as well as some Clapton in Ivan's solo. Initially we were going to do it exactly like the album version but decided to put a solo on the end, kind of like we did with our cover of Good Times Bad Times. We will be doing Custard Pie the same way. It'll start out like the album version but it will have an extended ending as well. Just want to have some fun making these videos for now, but if it leads to doing live shows then we will be really happy. Thanks for the request. La La may eventually get done, but right now we're working on an epic 1972 - 73 style version of Dazed and Confused.
  9. Empress Valley didn't waste any time putting this one out. Meanwhile, they're dicking around with Japan 71, LA 75 etal . Maybe they'll make some $$ off this source that they downloaded for free and they'll fell better about trickling out some more of 9/28/71.
  10. Actually I wondered if that was Peter Grant's jag, or one of the band members? Was that taken outside Aeolian Hall, or BBC studios?
  11. Looks great Josh! You know who this is! 😏
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