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  1. That would be wonderful, I would love to participate if you'd be inclined. I have a YouTube channel devoted to Bonzo's drumming and it would be great to hear from you about your father and his relationship with Bonzo. Are you a musician, Dan?
  2. Our newest YouTube video drops today at 3pm EST, and features Jimmy Sakurai on guitar. Hope you all dig it. We feel it came off pretty well, considering we are in 4 different places ! Chicago, NY, Cleveland and Tokyo!
  3. This topic comes up from time to time, and it still amazes and frustrates me that more footage, alternate takes, Bonzo's solo (!!!) can't be cobbled together for a special release. Something like... "The Song Remains The Same - An Alternate Perspective " Maybe it has something to do with the rights owner of the film..(Warner) ?? How happy would all Zep fans be if they had the fantasy sequence footage replaced with the actual playing, (do you mean to tell me the dumb ass film crew didn't get Jimmy's solo on No Q or Bonzo's drum solo??) or alternate versions of songs , or even a full stage view , house shot ( like the end of Rock and Roll) . I'll never understand how there could be so many gaps , these guys must've been hacks. Probably will never happen and the film will just rot in the vaults.
  4. Sorry to hear, my condolences.
  5. I just sent a PM as well. Brilliant work!
  6. No soundboard, only the excellent audience tape. The footwork is impressive but it's actually not that difficult if you practice it . He was playing quick doubles , which is a signature of his right foot technique. You can hear it also in Achilles Last Stand, Dazed and Confused live and Whole Lotta Love live etal. Good Times Bad Times is more challenging. The only studio track I think he may have used two bass drums for was Bonzo's Montreux. Here is a demo that I did of that version
  7. Totally agree. What's with the rose colored ears and '75..seriously? Not even close to 71-73.
  8. Graf Zeppelin's is my fav for the audience merge. The sources are clear, the edits well done and Moby Dick is also complete which bizarrely wasn't the case for pretty much all prior releases. For me a matrix works best if you have most of the show in both SBD and Aud. This show is a typical '73 incomplete SBD. Still I'm surprised no one did a decent matrix recently. Seems like the era of matrixing was 10-15 years ago. Am I wrong ?
  9. That's great, I have Audacity...maybe I'll try tweaking it a bit but I'm really novice at sound production. Looking forward to your RAH. Still maddening that they never put out a stand alone release .
  10. Pb is always better than any Mudslide release. Brighter and clearer. Not much that can be done to correct the level fluctuations and low guitar because as far as I know, there is no "tape"I version. They all come from vinyl. I ripped my original copy of Pb and shared it on dime a while back. I believe Liquid Led and Wendy used my rip because the track timings for both of those are identical to mine and sound very similar. If you can find the Liquid Led online to download , grab it...or the Wendy version. They also added the audience source missing songs.
  11. I would love to hear Chicago or New Orleans '71.
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