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  1. porgie66

    New EVSD soundboard?

    I'm hoping it's one of the early 75 shows, maybe Bloomington Minnesota or Chicago. I like to hear that's adlist in soundboard quality and I have a feeling that's been in the works.
  2. porgie66

    The Jazz Thread

    Pedro Martinez is a BEAST!!! Check out his Tiny Desk concert on YouTube. Insane level of rhythmic virtuosity.
  3. porgie66

    New Zep YouTube channel - PFoZ!!

    We thought about that for some of the bluesy tunes, like ICQYB, HMMT , even Dazed. Maybe a slide guitar to approximate the vocal inflections. Another idea is to do live shows instrumentally and have the audience sing along. Who knows, could be a fun interactive type experience. Depends on the songs though. Achilles would be ridiculous as a sing along. 😂
  4. porgie66

    New Zep YouTube channel - PFoZ!!

    Thanks! I also wonder if there is enough instrumentally to be of interest to a wider audience. I kind of doubt it, but for serious fans , I think it is interesting because you can really focus on all the parts better without the distraction of a vocalist.
  5. porgie66

    New Zep YouTube channel - PFoZ!!

    Our 77 style combo of TSRTS / Sick Again just dropped on our YouTube channel. Spread the word....PFoZ isn't fooling around. If we can find a great singer, it will be unrivalled. IMHO, of course. 😏
  6. porgie66

    Backing Vocals on Thank You

    It's hard to believe they weren't approached by the producers of Classic Albums at some point. If not, surely Jimmy is aware of the series. I haven't checked but I think the series may not be in production any longer but, an in depth analysis of even one iconic album would be huge, if it were BY THEM. Then we could actually hear the solo backing vocal track on Thank You for example. I recently started to watch a Physical Grafitti special because someone told me it was a " Classic Album" video, and I was sure it wasn't, but anyway....it was a disappointing program. The usual pablum. This is something that should've been worked up for the 50th ... especially with Glynn Johns, Eddie Kramer or George Chkiantz. Maybe they just want to keep things mystical and mysterious.
  7. porgie66

    Black Dog Lyric SO WRONG

    Can someone please euthanize this thread???
  8. porgie66

    06-25-1977 Recordings

    Me three. The whole series by Winston hard to top .
  9. porgie66

    Backing Vocals on Thank You

    I've been enjoying revisiting the Classic Albums documentary series and it sucks that one was never done... on Zep 2 or 4... or whatever. Having all the band members with sound engineers commenting on the making of an album would be a treasure. We might get answers to questions like this from the source. Such a shame they didn't do one. It's not too late though.
  10. porgie66

    New Zep YouTube channel - PFoZ!!

    Thank you!! Prob will be a while before we get to that one. With all the permission and keys, that's going to be a more complex one!
  11. porgie66

    New Zep YouTube channel - PFoZ!!

    Thank you, appreciate the shares! We would love to have a great singer on board , but we are still waiting. The instrumental aspect is nice though. I think it helps focus on parts that may be obscured by the vocals.