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  1. Right, and who knows how many people are in the "camp". There are likely many people we know nothing about who have been part of the archive, multiple storage sites ( vaults) , studio engineers , employees etc. If Page is reviewing the live archive, he's not the only person involved. Maybe "camp" isn't the right word, but "team".
  2. I am part of two YouTube channels, one features instrumental Zep covers and the other channel is my own which is dedicated to Bonzo's drumming , called Bonhamology. It's seems like in the past month or two, nearly every cover we do, or video I make playing along, even to a bootleg gets a claim. What's particularly frustrating to me is, for my channel I'm making the videos primarily for educational purposes (considered Fair Use), and I'm often using bootlegs. I'm doing a series of covers of the complete Seattle 75 second night , and nearly every song so far has received a claim, which never happened before with playing along to boots . Rain Song received a claim for song match of the MSG '73 2007 remaster. In My Time Of Dying was claimed as the 2012 remaster. I'm assuming they are laying claim to the melody by recognition , even though it's not the version in the claim details. It's always some South American group like Latin Autor/ Brasilia Kobalt making the claim. Seems either bogus, or very opportunistic. Are these divisions of Warner Music ?? Is that who was claiming your vids? Also, did they actually block your videos , or just make a claim?
  3. ... and who the hell are the WTH Twins??
  4. Agreed. Minn 75, perhaps...they may have acquired it I would love to hear that setlist.
  5. Ah well, I already have that one. Come on EV , let's have some more of the Japan 71 board tapes already.
  6. Anyone want to promote/book us? We are not a tribute band , but we would be the best Zep cover band out there if we could get a great singer and management.
  7. Has anyone listened to the new audience sources? Are they upgrades at all to what was available before?
  8. Thanks, it's always fun to play along like that. I just uploaded OTHAFA , and will be doing the complete show over the course of the next week or so.
  9. Thanks, and thanks for noticing that. Also, he played a little Ten Years Gone quote too which I thought was really cool. Surprised me with both of those quotes!
  10. Thank Joe, appreciate the comments. What I really admire about Ivan's playing is , he doesn't just try to mimic Page...he plays Page-esque but has a lot of feeling and soul in his playing, and his own personality.
  11. There's more out there for sure. 1975 boards for example. Prob many audience tapes. Some are hoarded, some are simply being kept for personal reasons until the owner feels ready to make it public. The guy who had the Detroit 72 tape is a very nice guy and not a "hoarder" at all. He simply didn't think many people would care about it because of the quality.
  12. He's right handed , writes with his right hand , and in pics where he has a guitar he holds it righty. That long thumb nail is puzzling, could be a blow thumb spoon. 😬
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