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  1. Absolute rubbish. Baker , a jazz player ??? Gimme a break. Swing is paramount , and Ginger couldn't fucking swing. Jazz player...LOL. Bonham had way more finesse, swing ( ironically ), a beautiful sound, incredible funk and feel, and his hands were way more developed than Ginger's single stroke takka takka takka chops. Bonzo played more interesting, and technically demanding combinations of rudiments and ideas than Baker. I just can't abide this nonsense about Ginger over Bonham. He was a huge influence no doubt, but nowhere near Bonzo's abilities.
  2. This whole tape situation seems bizarre. These frustrating snippets of Levee and inexplicably dumb cut to Black Dog ending beg the question , why? A full LA 75 board tape is coming soon and this is still tied up ?? Makes me wonder if the actual tape wasn't bought, and only bits were sold as copies / samples. Also, don't you just love when a sample is half Plantation....fuckin' hell. 😒
  3. LOL. Well, I'm going to go on a limb and assume pianissimo hasn't been used here either. I wouldn't say Bonzo came in pianissimo, maybe somewhere like mezzo-forte to forte. 🤓
  4. Yes, and it was the first date, maybe the bloke was careless or new or high or whatever , and got shit for his error that night....or not.
  5. I find it odd that they didn't use an echo effect for the drums, and instead, Bonzo approximates the effect by doubling the bass and snare notes.
  6. So, I wonder if someone got the whole tape, and they're fucking with fans...or they only got these 4 songs. Another "teaser" ...why is Wanton partial??!! Tiresome . Here's pics. This guy is asking $78!
  7. Did the seller say the sticks in the photos are the actual one's the buyer would receive? Also wondering who this seller is and how they acquired them? Is it Ocheltree himself, or someone he knows selling on his behalf? 🤔
  8. Yes, agreed there are way too many holes in his story but , it is possible he worked for Bonzo in a limited capacity . The guy has a serious history of working for many top class drummers, and that is beyond refute. He was Billy Cobham's tech and even Jason acknowledged they met. Maybe he and Bonzo hit it off, as he claims and Bonzo may have brought him on to do some work along side Hinton. In which case it's very likely he would have had a chance to grab some worthless broken sticks after a gig. Those sticks look like the real deal. The provenance is a problem though.
  9. Maybe Sam or Steven A Jones would know who Bonzo's tech was for Europe 80 tour, if not Hinton.
  10. No, he passed in 2007. He was on the Forum a bit though.
  11. Fair enough, but the wording is terrible... as it makes most people think the photo of the sticks shown with the listing isn't the same as what they are actually selling. You have to click on the photo to expand which then reveals the other photos , including the one of Bonzo. If you don't , you just see one photo, at least on my browser. I don't doubt those are Bonzo's sticks actually, because they do look authentic. The questions looming around Jeff Ocheltree's relationship with Bonzo though are very concerning. Clearly he has a long and very respected career as a tech for people like Billy Cobham, Mike Clark, Santana ( Cindy Blackman) Vinnie Coliauta and many others. Maybe Jeff did work for Bonham on a few occasions from '77 to 80, most likely not earlier based on his statements. Jeff claims that they met while he was working at a show Billy Cobham did in June 1975 at the Crystal Palace in London. Maybe they hit it off and Jeff was invited by Bonzo to assist in tech duties at Musicland for the recording of Presence later that year. However, Jason claims that they met in LA in 1977. Maybe Jeff teched for some gigs in the US in 77... and maybe he was at Polar studios and Knebworth too, but as Jason said, no one in the camp that he talked to remembered him, including Cole. Mick Hinton so far as I know, never mentioned him in any public statements. Also, it's odd that Jeff wouldn't go into more detail about his role with Bonham, where and when he was working as a tech, any other references, stories, or pictures...nothing. I've never heard him say in a video that he was at Musicland or Polar studios, but he does go into detail about the mics used to record Bonzo in the studio. Who knows how accurate that info is. The most questionable claims about Bonzo's drums come right at the beginning of his DVD ...where he says " I'm standing next to a 1971 green sparkle John Bonham drumkit....and these drums were used, on many sessions". ????? Those are not likely Bonzo's drums, by all counts his green sparkle kits are in the possession of the Bonham estate, with an exception being a rumor of a private collector owning one. If he simply put together his own version of Bonham's kit , he should have said " this is a John Bonham style drumkit" or something similar. Otherwise, he should have said more about the kits provenance in the video. Any drum fanatic knows, you'd want more of that type of info about a legendary drummers kit!! He makes good overall points about tuning, sound etc...but he also makes some little inaccurate statements about Bonzo's set -up, drum heads, etc. which are odd if he was truly his tech. All that being said, it is possible that Jeff was an acquaintance that may have done some itinerant work for Bonzo in the late 70's , because he was clearly a very experienced drum tech .... but Jason's statement seems to really refute that claim. Too bad we can't ask Mick Hinton. Does anyone here know if Hinton worked for Bonham in 1980 in Europe? If not, who was his tech??
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