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  1. Just did a video play along to Bonzo's part on this version.
  2. Incredible! 2020 is off to a good start ... unofficially speaking! 😉 Thanks for the news.
  3. Absolutely. The fidelity of Olympia show is much worse than most board tapes could be cleaned up and EQ'd. It's beyond frustrating at this point.
  4. I was just mentioning this in the New Soundboard thread!!! Who knows how long it'll be before someone ponies up the dosh.
  5. I agree 100%. The three SBD tunes from Long Beach are my fav board recording. I love the sound of that tape, especially Bonzo's drums. Also, the Minneapolis '75 tape is out there, but I don't think it's been picked up yet.... maybe EV has a copy and are biding their time. I don't much care for another later 75 tour show as there are so many, but I would love to hear the songlist for those first few gigs with HMMT, Wanton Song , and Levee.
  6. Yeah, great post . Hopefully the tapes weren't destroyed in that massive fire at Universal in 2008.
  7. Apparently dime banned a new upload of the 9/28/71 release at Empress Valleys request. Amazing.
  8. The sad fact is there is precious little when it comes to interviews with Bonzo about his drumming and influences. Unfortunately, no decent in-depth interview was made before he passed. Jeff Ochletree mentioned something like, Bonzo was somewhat bitter and annoyed that no one asked him about drumming and musical influences....all they wanted to know was the sordid stuff. I'm sure Modern Drummer would've done a quality interview with him at some point, but they were relatively new on the scene in the late 70's, and by Sept '80 it was too late.
  9. Agreed, wonder if the whole thing exists. This gig was never a fav of mine even though the Patriot tape sounded good. Page sounds like he hadn't touched his guitar since the end of the US summer tour and damn, Percy's voice was fucked.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QTTGpcAAvn8 This is news to me, has this tape source been shared before?
  11. Yeah, this is a really cool find. It was posted over a year ago. Where's the rest?? Jeez that clapping is brutal, on 1 and 3 for all of Mary Lou!!
  12. Likely a tribute to a groupie, cuz he knowed he done wrong. He clearly says Judy, Judy on a couple versions of Dazed , during the bow solo. He's called out another girl's name too, I think Samantha , on OTHAFA. Makes perfect sense , the syllables don't sound like Jesus at all at that point. It's clearly Georgina -Jojina, whatever the spelling.
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