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  1. Hi Porgie66,

    Watching the video you posted, it was interesting to see some of the other musical projects you're doing. High level musicianship.

    I'm a guitarist/ composer also playing out in the Chicago area. I play a variety of styles, but at this time the band I'm playing with is more Latin and classic rock and pop emphasis. Lots of percussion. It's fun for me because of just playing Santana -type material note for note, I throw in some Jimmy Page and Jeff Beck licks with these Latin cats that aren't as familiar with the Zeppelin material ?

    If you're up for getting out I'm doing a Cinco de Mayo gig at Shanahan's in Woodridge on May 5th and the following night  May 6th at Homers  on 47th st. And Racine in Chicago

    Thanks.... Joe Schmidt

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    2. porgie66


      Hey Joe,

      Yes, I play at the Grand Geneva pretty often with a really nice trio, Dan Trudell is a superb pianist and keyboard player. Its basically a lounge gig but its decent. We play what we want, and they have a nice Mason Hamlin grand piano. Let me know if you ever want to come up sometime. I try to keep my website updated. I have a concert coming up next month with trumpeter Roy Hargrove, and a big band I work with here called the Chicago Jazz Orch. We are doing a tribute to Dizzy, in honor of his 100th. That should be a good one.  Sat. May 20.

      I remeber Insight, I think a guy I knew named Tim Gant played with them some. I remeber those days at the Backroon, Gallib ...wonder if he's still around.  Judy and I go way back too, I see her occasionally but she moved to Phoenix some years ago. She still gigs down there and comes back here occasionally, I think she was at the Jazz Showcase recently. 

      Hope you had fun on your session tonight. Have a nice trip and when you get back, maybe we can connect sometime. Here's my email...  georgefludas@gmail.com  If you're ok with it, I can put you on my email list for upcoming shows .


      Amd yeah, it was surreal talking with him. I actually went to the after party too, and talked to all three more while there. That was just a mind blower!  Page was the most congenial and talkative actually. Wonderful memory from that night. I was buzzing for weeks after. I can tell you more later. Wild!



    3. Chicago


      Hi George,

      Leaving 90 degrees and sunny coming back to 50 degree slop. Can't wait ?

      I always have a good time playing with my drummer friend Albert Cruz. Some guys you just connect with more. He had been doing some sessions with Larry Coryell up until his recent passing. 

      That would be cool to add me to your mailing list. My Gmail is  


      I'll check your website for a proper occasion to meet up. Look forward to hearing your Page exchange. I've thought of what I would say to him if I met him. Try not to be a mumble mouth and nervous twit ? 

    4. porgie66


      Hope you had a great time in Florida. Welcome back to the gray wet skies . Sucks ! Looks like the weekend will at least be clear. 

      I'm putting you in my email list for upcoming shows. If you're considering coming, let me know and I'll try to put you on as a guest. 

      Cheers, George

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