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  1. It's really a shame that the Black Crowes' songs couldn't be included. As great as it is to hear them play LZ songs, I'd like to hear Page play their songs. I'd have gladly ponied up for a 4 LP set had that been the case.
  2. I attended Edwardsville Senior High in Edwardsville, IL, a small town near St. Louis. It's not too far, in fact, from kingzoso's Parkway North H.S. Small world and all that...
  3. I saw the show in Birmingham last evening, and the news accounts posted above are no exaggeration: it was a phenomenal show. Dave Rawlings is an absolutely incredible guitar player and a damn good singer. In fact, the entire band was on fire, and I say that as someone who cannot stand folk music. Of course, I went to see John Paul Jones, and he was--no surprise--great throughout the evening. I don't think I'll top any professional reviews of the show that'll be coming out, so I'll just add this bit I found funny. At the end of Going to California, Rawlings joked that his hair wasn't long enough to play the song well. As a very quick aside, Jones turned to him and put on a Plant posture--the one in which Plant would hold his elbow at his side, extend his forearm up, and extend his hand palm up. (I think readers of this forum will know what I'm referring to). If you blinked you missed it, but I thought it was hilarious that that posture was what first came to Jones' mind after Rawlings' comment. I'm looking forward to any video of this show that may surface. As expected, there were a hell of a lot of people recording.
  4. Right--and that's the common complaint: since low frequencies require more groove space, the sound on LP's can become more trebly as the stylus nears the label, where there isn't as much space for the grooves. I've never heard of your particular problem, though (a recording sounding mono). I'll have to look into that more as it seems like an interesting problem. Easy for me to say, of course. During the oil embargo, record pressing plants began using recycled vinyl, which resulted in poor/lesser quality records. That's one reason that Japanese vinyl is sought after among collectors since they didn't do this (reportedly) (I'm sure other countries didn't recycle vinyl; I just can't think of any of the top of my head). The only way LZ could have done anything about this would have been for them to visit every record pressing plant in the US associated with Atlantic/Swan Song to check on the quality of the vinyl.
  5. A new stylus may certainly help, but it's no secret that LP's can suffer sound quality degradation near the label. It's due to the grooves being crammed together because of space limitations. I've experienced this myself, and it's always disappointing, but not much can be done about it. Fortunately, it's not terribly common that the change in sound quality is easily noticed, so you might want to try to find another copy of the LZ I album and see if that helps.
  6. Heh--I don't know. I didn't see LZ in concert (I wasn't quite 7 when Bonham died), but I assume I'd watch it since I don't leave a show once it begins. But on CD/DVD, I usually skip to the next song.
  7. If you like (early) blues, you'll probably like this CD. If not, then you should pass. If you're not familiar with early blues, it can be a little challenging to get into. You should be able to find most, if not all, of these songs on Youtube, so you can check them out and decide if it's worth it.
  8. Yep--I didn't get back into vinyl until last summer/early fall. If I had gone back earlier, I can't imagine some of the records I could've picked up at a reasonable price that would have increased astronomically in value. Eh, que sera, sera and all that. Flyingzepp--I checked out your playing on "I Can't Quit You" on youtube. Very nice playing indeed! As a guitar plunker, I'm a bit envious!
  9. Actually, TSRTS remastered vinyl box set is still available through Amazon for just under $71 (along with the Mothership box set and Them Crooked Vultures) if you're looking for an easy way to track down sealed vinyl. PM sent.
  10. My apologies, kitts. You asked an interesting question, and I let myself get trolled by the Forum's version of the village idiot. Won't happen again.
  11. Page and the Black Crowes--it combines the music of two bands I like.
  12. First--drop the attitude, internet tuff gai. If you can't handle a simple fucking question, then ignore it. Second--Grant's general PR stance was that they were an album-oriented band that didn't want to release singles. That way, fans had to buy the albums. I've seen them called on this before, but I haven't really looked into their singles since I focus on the albums. I ask because the single in question has an odd pairing, especially given its release date.
  13. According to the list at Discogs, this was also released in the US in 79. Is this a legitimate release? If so, what happened to LZ's general reluctance to release singles?
  14. The Wikipedia entry on Whole Lotta Love lists a 1970 7" French and German single with WLL b/w Immigrant Song, ATL 10236 (but not 10236A). http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whole_Lotta_Love
  15. Wow--$70 for a sealed No Quarter. That's a really good price given what P/P LP's can command at this time. Yep, you're correct that sealed LP's command top price, especially among (e.g.) the eBay buying crowd. I wasn't sure if you were going for the resell value or just wanted to keep one copy in pristine condition, as some collectors do. I'd be careful, though, about paying a lot for a sealed Walking into Clarksdale. Some of them have pressing defects, rendering them effectively unlistenable (and so pretty much worthless). I should know--I have such a copy although I didn't buy it sealed. The pressing defects, by the way, can't be detected with a visual inspection. Huh--I've never seen the remastered TSRTS box set with fewer than 4 LP's. The original version has two. The next time you come across a box set with fewer than 4, could you send me a link to it by PM? As for the BBC Sessions, I occasionally see someone sell one LP from the set. I think buying them one at a time is a much cheaper strategy, although it would take a long time to come across all of them that way. I really don't need the box itself since I'm more interested in the vinyl. That is a cool story about Page--he must like the hell out of that record store!
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