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  1. Heh--I don't know. I didn't see LZ in concert (I wasn't quite 7 when Bonham died), but I assume I'd watch it since I don't leave a show once it begins. But on CD/DVD, I usually skip to the next song.
  2. In addition to NWA, Ice Cube and Eazy-E, I'd add the Geto Boys' "Grip It! On That Other Level." They took all of the complaints about rap (violence, misogyny, cursing, etc.), and turned it up to 11. I'm convinced this was a parody, and that these guys would be hilarious to hang out with. Yet, the album is fun to listen to. Otherwise, I'd recommend Too Short's "Life Is...Too Short."
  3. 1. D'yer Mak'er: the *only* truly bad song LZ did. I haven't listened to this all the way through since I was a kid. Blech. Oh! Oh! Oh! 2. I'm Gonna Crawl. At best, it's OK when I'm in a particular mood. Otherwise, it can come off as a Vegas lounge lizard song. 3. Any drum solos. Not bad, but they can get boring. Maybe if I were a drummer, I'd have a different perspective.
  4. Not necessarily exclusively, but overwhelmingly so.
  5. Simple--a band plays some blues covers and/or some blues-based songs, but they don't play them exclusively. No one would place LZ in the same category/genre as Son House or Charlie Patton. Defining music by genre only becomes a semantics game when people incessantly split genres into sub-genres, but even splitting can be useful if it's not overdone (e.g. country blues vs. Chicago blues). LZ did have some psychedelic elements--I don't think anyone's arguing to the contrary--but they also had blues and folk elements. So what?
  6. No, I can't see how anyone would call LZ psychedelic. There are some psychedelic elements to some of their songs, but incorporating such elements doesn't define the music overall. They played all acoustic songs, but they're not a folk band, and they played the blues, but they're not a blues band. They're a rock and roll band that incorporated different elements and influences in their music.
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