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  1. Yeah, so, I was listening to "Dazed and Confused" on How the West Was Won, and I'm pretty sure I heard Plant yell "Push! Push! Push! Push!" and then after a climactic guitar solo yell "Child birth!". Did anyone else hear this? Any thoughts?
  2. I swear I heard him say it on the bonus DVD of Celebration Day, just like he did on BBC Sessions!!!
  3. Does anybody have a version of the Definitive Collection with a booklet in it? I heard this was in some Japan release or something...
  4. http://www.youtube.com/user/jakauppa Does anyone know what χυμεία3 is, how to pronounce it, and whether or not it's really official? I mean... it doesn't sound like Led Zeppelin. It sounds terrible. Creepy. I don't like it, and it better not really be Led Zeppelin.
  5. Yeah, but still... Jimmy said that each album's going to be slowly released, starting with this year. We're half-way through with this year, and nothing. What does this say for you supposed complete box set? It'd have to be released at the end of all that. Yeah, I guess I'm impatient. I just hope it's not going to be another loudness war victim. The war IS over, right...?
  6. No, Jimmy Page said that each album is getting its OWN box-set. That doesn't mean that they're all gonna be packaged together AGAIN.
  7. Well, I'd like to get a box set of all of Led Zeppelin's studio album, and could less if it had "The Song Remains the Same" on it. I'm torn between getting The Complete Studio Recordings and The Definitive Collection. I don't want to get anything from Japan. However, I heard that the Rhino version of the Definitive Collection just has the same remasters as The Complete Studio Recordings. Can anyone confirm this? If so, I'll get The Studio one, because I'd like an essay about the band, as I don't know much about them. Unless, of course, The Definitive Collectiion has an essay or something...
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