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  1. Speaking of drumming, John Lennon once famously said (when asked whether Ringo was the best drummer around) His reply was that he wasn't even the best drummer in The Beatles !!
  2. In my opinion Atom Heart Mother is their weakest album.
  3. I agree, the $650 I'm sure will be put to paying for necessities, I am fortunate never to have been in that situation, but believe me I wouldn't think twice about selling anything I had to help my family. Best wishes to you and your family.
  4. janejoe


    We all know what you meant in the first place. It seems Pagesbow has a rather warped mind.
  5. I take your points, but I still like the album.
  6. Thanks DAS, each time I do a crossword there are always a few letters of the Greek alphabet I can't remember. You have done me a great favour,
  7. The best of luck to her, she will feel so much better.
  8. Saturday nights alright for fighting - Elton John
  9. janejoe

    Paula Deen

    She sounds absolutely repulsive.
  10. The history of The Eagles (again) I recorded form Television
  11. Around the World - Gracie Fields
  12. I reckon the feelings are the same from everyone on the forum. Best wishes hope your pain eases soon.
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