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  1. No not at all. I don't think you actually comprehended my criticism. The user was offering an uneducated and unsubstantiated legal opinion of the known facts that form basis of the complaint. Strange thing to mention the Constitution in one sentence and the very next call for the infringement of its very first amendment. Who says we Americans have no sense of irony?
  2. I really hope you are going for some sort of comic relief with your statement. It is the professional equivalency of saying that because you took a Physics course in college that you are sufficiently competent to refute Lawrence Krauss' criticisms of string theory.
  3. Anyone else agree that if they had deleted perhaps 'When I was a Child', 'Upon a Golden Horse' and 'Burning Up' substitute them with 'The Window' and 'Whiskey from the Glass' and 'Rude World' that you now have a very progressive, reaching and INTERESTING new album (granted Mr. Lee have been doing lot of drum pad triggering live in this case BUT......)?
  4. That is absolutely hilarious...see what happens kids when we delve too deeply into these inner-mysteries? (You find out how the sausage gets made! Accck! ) But yet we MUST press on to a post zep mystery....why in the world did Mssrs. Harper and Page call out Joan Bakewell as being a 'tart' within the album notes on the UK release of Jugala? Known facts to me: 1. She was a UK TV Presenter 2. She had a fling with Harold Pinter (UK playwright) But what's the connection to RH/JP? How's that for mondo obscura?
  5. Steve- Wasn't this right around the time that a young man (full name escapes me...last name Hale?) who passed away at Plumpton Place?
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