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  1. love the beatles, when they started taking lsd etc things started to get interesting ,and dont forget jimmy page and co wrote stairway to heaven in response to george harrison complaining they never wrote any ballads.
  2. is jpj the hardest working man in showbiz ? he is almost omnipresent . he can adapt to any musical situation ,possibly the most versatile musician on the planet.
  3. thanks for the reply ,yeh he did pinch one off the bluesman when he was about 15/16 i recall reading, he 's well underated as far as playing harmonica goes,i think page plays one on a few songs too.
  4. a question to anybody ,what tuning does robert have for his harmonica .
  5. tough one hehe, enwog is famous in welsh ,gair is word in welsh, telyn is harp,twyll is dark, but i think your man with the first reply has cracked it .
  6. hi all, being welsh myself i always love it when planty talks about wales,he seems fascinated by the country ,it's history,language ,and culture,he went on holiday there as a child i think and has loved the place ever since ,he even has a home there ,i think he has done a lot to promote wales as a country so i take my hat off to him for that .so diolch yn fawr roberto .
  7. why do led zeppelin always get the plagarism thing ,bert jansch learnt black mountainside from anne briggs ,the rolling stones ,the beatles etc all borrowed from earlier music this is how music evolves for fuck sakes again it all boils down to money .
  8. at this stage jimmy page was strung out on heroin most of the ideas came from jpj ,with page becoming almost a session player again, no disrespect to jpj he was discovering electronic keyboards etc,add plants lower vocal range and you get ittod, saying that bonham was always on the button and i love some of the songs .
  9. thanks mate its a long shot but it might work and it is genuine
  10. hi folks are there any sexy ladies out there obviously into led zeppelin ,now get this ,i live 40 miles from bron yr aur, ive been there many times its a beautiful place ,a lovely place for a date,if you are about 40ish ,and good looking please get in touch.
  11. anybody been to bro-yr-aur? i live in a town called pwllheli ,about an hour away from there! it,s a beaut of a place, plant has a house just outside machynllech up a road signposted artists valley, again a stunning spot ,and yes i have been there didnt see plant though
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