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  1. Half man half biscuit - Cammell laird social club. Barclay James Harvest - and other short stories.
  2. I'm fine thanks, receiver has just packed up (mind you I've had it since 1992, just ordered a new one. How are things with you?
  3. I was there on the 24th, regardless of sound quality it was an amazing experience. My mate and I hitch hiked from Liverpool. Over three hours of Led Zeppelin playing whilst I was standing there watching beats the shit out of listening to and criticising sound quality of bootleg.s
  4. A three legged dog walks into the sherrifs office in a western town and says "I've come for my paw"
  5. I'd love to talk with my Mum and Dad this Christmas, but I can only do it from a cemetery, happy Christmas Mum and Dad from Joe xxxx Merry Christmas to all on the forum also, may the new year bring you all that you wish for yourself xxxx
  6. Merry Christmas from Liverpool.......Come on you Blues !!!!!
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