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  1. Half man half biscuit - Cammell laird social club. Barclay James Harvest - and other short stories.
  2. I'm fine thanks, receiver has just packed up (mind you I've had it since 1992, just ordered a new one. How are things with you?
  3. I was there on the 24th, regardless of sound quality it was an amazing experience. My mate and I hitch hiked from Liverpool. Over three hours of Led Zeppelin playing whilst I was standing there watching beats the shit out of listening to and criticising sound quality of bootleg.s
  4. A three legged dog walks into the sherrifs office in a western town and says "I've come for my paw"
  5. I'd love to talk with my Mum and Dad this Christmas, but I can only do it from a cemetery, happy Christmas Mum and Dad from Joe xxxx Merry Christmas to all on the forum also, may the new year bring you all that you wish for yourself xxxx
  6. Merry Christmas from Liverpool.......Come on you Blues !!!!!
  7. My wife bought a new turntable for me, she even let me pick it.
  8. Talking to my friend in the pub, and he said it was ridiculous that his neighbour has had his Christmas decorations up since October, I said - That's nothing......The little old lady living next door to me has had her decorations up for two years. Apparently there will be no Turkey this Christmas,
  9. Plantpothead


    I'm just drinking "Sadlers - Mud City Stout" 6.6% ABV, dark ale, really good taste too. Only £1.59 for a 500ml bottle - BARGAIN!!!!!
  10. A man walks into a sex shop and asks, have you got a CD with noises of a woman having sex and enjoying it? The shop owner says sure, Why, is yur wife a bit quiet in bed? No!! replies the man.........I work in a morgue.
  11. We celebrated our 35th anniversary yesterday. Well I did !!
  12. I dreamt las night that I was Peter Noone of Hermans Hermits. I woke up this morning feeling fine.
  13. My wife and Daughters are in Italy in the hot sun, I am in Liverpool drinking Old Empire IPA, who's having the best time??????? They are of course, but I am listening to the better music.
  14. Sorry for being an old b*stard, I was just lucky enough to be in the right places at the right times. Having said that, I have never ever met any of the bands that I have seen live.Whereas many of you on this site have spoken to the people you follow. I never had the opportunity unfortunately.......Let's face it I'll never see Jimmy Page or Robert Plant or Roger Waters or John Lees or Dave Gilmour walking through the streets of Liverpool, will I?
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