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  1. I like both accents, I think they haver character. For some reason they fascinate me more than any other regional accents.You are right though, even if you listen to an interview with Robert early on in Zep it is very hard to detect a heavy accent, maybe just the bring-ing or sing-ing, things like that. Is it not an accent you like, Pagesbow, if I may ask?
  2. Wow, Thanks to everyone who took the trouble to answer. It was a bit confusing where exactly he was brought up. So not too far from Bonzo in Redditch - both from the Black Country. So, it is safe to say then that Halesowen is where he grew up and spent his formative years? He left West Bromwich at a very young age I imagine. It's nice to see that he stayed close to his roots in the West Midlands and still has ties there. Thanks again, P.S. I actually really like the West Midlands accent, and the very distinct Brummy accent too. Abramelin.
  3. Hello, all This is my first post here so i apologise if it has been asked before. I am very curious about the Black Country and nearby Birmingham, and how it gave birth to various vocalists and musicians. Could someone please tell me where exactly Robert Plant grew up? Wikipedia says he was born in West Bromwich but grew up in Halesowen? Is this correct? He also went to school in nearby Stourbridge I believe Which place would he consider his hometown? Halesowen or Stourbridge? Is there any interview where Robert talks about growing up or his hometown? Is the county Hereford & Worcester or Worcestershire or have the names been changed now? I have also heard his name associated with Kidderminster (as per below link), hence the confusion http://www.thefreelibrary.com/How+Led+Zeppelin+legend+almost+sang+for+Slade%3B+AMAZING+SECRETS+OF...-a0175774151 Many questions i know, Thanks in advance, Abramelin
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