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  1. I just ordered a Laney cub 10 it's better then the 12 I won't have it till nov cause it's back orderd there awesome amps there a poor mans Marshall lol next spring I might do a speaker upgrade to a jensen 10/70 speaker your gonna love this cub 10
  2. Jimmy used his tele on the frist 2 led Zeppelin albums, and his famous solo on dazed and confused was frist done on the tele hope this helps
  3. Tazz3


    Hey all I got a Epiphone les Paul standard plus top pro in dirty Lemmon, This thing sounds awesome and I have a 10 watt amp my next amp will be a tube amp
  4. That's nice is that color ice tea?. Is this the LP u got congrats honey burst is nice aslo
  5. I been lisenting to man who sold the world awesome song
  6. Epiphones are great guitars I have a les Paul jr,it has the one pick up but iam geting the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO - Heritage Cherry SB or dirty Lemmon color A new Gibson lets paul is over 3 grand. Sweetwater has these double necks in stock
  7. I just started learning 2 weeks ago or so I practice one hour a day I picked up a les Paul jr it has one pick up its nice I with Justin all the time he is a great teacher
  8. Tangerine looks easy,its a minor and g chords d chords c chord is a pain. I just started playing 17 days ago lol
  9. Your awesome i just started playing u have any tips for me. They had a women sing with them on the battle of ever more. Her name was sandy denny.
  10. Just play with the amp settings you will find the sound I just got a les Paul jr and iam geting a mustang amp
  11. It could be the guitar where the chord plugs in.it can be loose.
  12. Awesome job Tasha, I wish I was this good.keep playing
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