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    Long Island n.y
  1. Tazz3

    Please help me choose an amp.

    I just ordered a Laney cub 10 it's better then the 12 I won't have it till nov cause it's back orderd there awesome amps there a poor mans Marshall lol next spring I might do a speaker upgrade to a jensen 10/70 speaker your gonna love this cub 10
  2. Tazz3


    Jimmy used his tele on the frist 2 led Zeppelin albums, and his famous solo on dazed and confused was frist done on the tele hope this helps
  3. Tazz3

    Black dog (short cover - riffs)

    Very nice do u have tabs??
  4. Tazz3


    Hey all I got a Epiphone les Paul standard plus top pro in dirty Lemmon, This thing sounds awesome and I have a 10 watt amp my next amp will be a tube amp
  5. Tazz3

    G-1275 Double Neck

    That's nice is that color ice tea?. Is this the LP u got congrats honey burst is nice aslo
  6. Tazz3


    I been lisenting to man who sold the world awesome song
  7. Tazz3

    What type of strings do you use and why?

    I use Erie ball 10 46 on my les paul
  8. Tazz3

    G-1275 Double Neck

    Epiphones are great guitars I have a les Paul jr,it has the one pick up but iam geting the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Plustop PRO - Heritage Cherry SB or dirty Lemmon color A new Gibson lets paul is over 3 grand. Sweetwater has these double necks in stock
  9. Tazz3

    Just a Guitar and Me...

    I just started learning 2 weeks ago or so I practice one hour a day I picked up a les Paul jr it has one pick up its nice I with Justin all the time he is a great teacher
  10. Tazz3

    Easiest Zep Song to Play on Guitar?

    Tangerine looks easy,its a minor and g chords d chords c chord is a pain. I just started playing 17 days ago lol
  11. Tazz3

    My Zepp Covers

    Your awesome i just started playing u have any tips for me. They had a women sing with them on the battle of ever more. Her name was sandy denny.
  12. Tazz3

    Les Paul + Fender Mustang (Amp)

    Just play with the amp settings you will find the sound I just got a les Paul jr and iam geting a mustang amp
  13. Tazz3

    What is wrong with my amp?

    It could be the guitar where the chord plugs in.it can be loose.
  14. Tazz3

    Solo guitar cover

    Awesome job Tasha, I wish I was this good.keep playing