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    ~My dads not even my type!!<br /><br />-M.I.A.<br />-Bamboo Banga<br />-Thunderhorse !!<br />-Muckracker<br />-Dreaming of intoxicated smurfs<br />-Popsicle fights (you cut my eye!)<br />-Turning out my pockets for Tom<br />-Sushi<br />-"Purging" en Français avec Adam Leone <br /> ^dans mon chambre? C'est d'accord, Il est flexible pour moi [hehehe]
  1. Hey so whats ur facebook name?

  2. haha its only on facebook! Were you on the old board? Know Ishta? You can add me through her :P

  3. Thank you very much =). I can't see your pic :P

  4. LOL! In Palestine its spoken more, right? Random fact: I can't believe I'm friends with someone in facebook that has 1216 pictures of themselves. That's ridiculous!! And I used to have 390 (went down to 280), and I thought that was bad!!
  5. ^ its Friday night...I'm a teenager and I should be going out
  6. I really have no clue, especially because I don't look Pakistanian at all ! (it'd be cool if I did!) A group of Pakistanian kids at my school were talking and one of them is my friend so I was speaking a tiny lick of Arabic and my friend said "oh she's Korean!"--as a joke and when they were trying to guess my real nationality they all said Paki
  7. Why thank you Mister ! My movie star charisma helped me tons Argh the mood has changed
  8. no one usually pays attention to the presentations and fall asleep !
  9. -My history teacher calls me Wutang, constantly and I even write that name on tests. -People think I'm Pakistanian sometimes -I got straight 6s on my regents essays in English -I hate bad grammar (on paper) -No one I know--lately can spell
  10. *double post I can't whistle! I love box soup.....mmm
  11. I had the best presentation ever today..it was amazing, I as on fire considering how nervous I was!
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