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    ~My dads not even my type!!<br /><br />-M.I.A.<br />-Bamboo Banga<br />-Thunderhorse !!<br />-Muckracker<br />-Dreaming of intoxicated smurfs<br />-Popsicle fights (you cut my eye!)<br />-Turning out my pockets for Tom<br />-Sushi<br />-"Purging" en Français avec Adam Leone <br /> ^dans mon chambre? C'est d'accord, Il est flexible pour moi [hehehe]
  1. Hey so whats ur facebook name?

  2. its hilarious that your response to that post is only related to the picture.... Awww did you skim the post, like you would with a really long, boring book and just looking at the pics
  3. "I'm not made of money" love you. *Hermit....ahahaha!!
  4. haha its only on facebook! Were you on the old board? Know Ishta? You can add me through her :P

  5. Alrighty And Bonnie (hahahahaha) I remember that! Well at the time I was about 15 or so years old!! So of course my undies weren't about to get posted But I do recall that.... :whistle: And I don't think the new board could handle it either. But there is a picture of a booty in my Spanking thread and i don't think its been removed
  6. Thank you very much =). I can't see your pic :P

  7. Hehehehe!! Spats I seriously wouldn't be able to! Hahaha unless I PMed Bonnie who is on the same page as me .....you know, they call her hippie
  8. I'm too chicken to post any of my real girl talk haha, well if I posted in that thread what me and my girlfriends discuss, my contributions would be deleted!
  9. I absolutely love that book, I know it like the back of my hand so feel free to PM me if you need help. Remember the underlying theme of "the establishment" in the novel, which relates to the time period Kesey wrote it (60s) and its represented by Nurse Ratched! Hope you're reading well through Bromdens hallucinations!
  10. Whhaaaaaaat !?!!! ...I've never heard that one before, hahaha
  11. I would've definitely have laughed aloud! Thats not something people see everyday unless you live in the Village, downtown Well I'll be a doctor of sorts, and might be put in even odder positions with patients
  12. ^ It really depends. Since we're all reading a computer screen the words can sound a bit more demeaning than their meant to be. With that said, yes you're right but if he's speaking it, it might flow right [even though when I read "it was so hot" I think of a 14 yr old boy typing with his eyes bulging out ] Beautiful is nice, sexy..even better than "hawt" IMO.
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