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  1. haha its only on facebook! Were you on the old board? Know Ishta? You can add me through her :P

  2. LOL! In Palestine its spoken more, right? Random fact: I can't believe I'm friends with someone in facebook that has 1216 pictures of themselves. That's ridiculous!! And I used to have 390 (went down to 280), and I thought that was bad!!
  3. ^ its Friday night...I'm a teenager and I should be going out
  4. I really have no clue, especially because I don't look Pakistanian at all ! (it'd be cool if I did!) A group of Pakistanian kids at my school were talking and one of them is my friend so I was speaking a tiny lick of Arabic and my friend said "oh she's Korean!"--as a joke and when they were trying to guess my real nationality they all said Paki
  5. Why thank you Mister ! My movie star charisma helped me tons Argh the mood has changed
  6. no one usually pays attention to the presentations and fall asleep !
  7. -My history teacher calls me Wutang, constantly and I even write that name on tests. -People think I'm Pakistanian sometimes -I got straight 6s on my regents essays in English -I hate bad grammar (on paper) -No one I know--lately can spell
  8. *double post I can't whistle! I love box soup.....mmm
  9. I had the best presentation ever today..it was amazing, I as on fire considering how nervous I was!
  10. You are the spitting image of my old history teacher, I lent him a Zeppelin vinyl and he lent me an Ides of March vinyl...and I never got my Zeppelin one back
  11. Mr. Lipitz !! Give me back my Zeppelin record!!
  12. you are a fooollll;

    and IMY!

  13. Omg!! Matt!! I have to talk to you my brother! Message me, you have AIM? Nice picture by the way!
  14. ^ haha, that black residue that appears when you erase the board! Ugh, traditional chalk would be better..I'm tired
  15. Huh!? Haha! And you're very welcome, you sexy teacher with your shiny apple and your hands full of chalk residue!
  16. I'll be picking that book up soon, thanks!
  17. Hey Mandy you kind of look like a red haired version of my friend from work! Spitting image, and I've always thought you were pretty, but its nice to see newer pics!
  18. MANDY!!! Read 1984 immediately, I read that book in 2 days (it wasn't one because it was too good to read too quick) and no book has topped that one for me yet. I'm currently looking for one that does. I'll read it again soon, since its been about about a year since I've seen it last. Animal Farm is great, by Orwell I read "Why I Write" and I liked that too. Its not a book, but just some of his ramblings and essays. War is Peace Freedom is Slavery Ignorance is Strength
  19. That makes perfect sense actually! And I'm enjoying Burmese Days, who would you say is a common day Orwell, I've been trying to find someone with a similar writing style.
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