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  1. He's looking particularly thin in the arms in those ones - or is it just the lighting?
  2. Did Zep make any strange hotel requests? Anything like Van Halen's no brown M&M's request?
  3. Totally didn't expect that song
  4. I agree with SteveAJones. Most of their songs sound like whiny wallowing of self pity by a depressed "kevin" teenager. (Look up Ed Gein's Kevin sketches if you don't know who he is.) Their songs are incredibly simple, made up of three chords at most and you can learn their whole album in a week or so. Their solos are non descript and Cobain's vocals sound like a dying whale.
  5. He's got almost the same face as Bowie!
  6. I find Nirvana to be incredibly overrated.
  7. Rush - Spirit of Radio "I don't know why nobody told you How to unfold your love I don't know how someone controlled you They bought and sold you...."
  8. For all those overly obsessed fan girls. *cough* redhairedqueen *cough* EDIT; found a better picture
  9. Most of the albums I get are very cheap (anything from £1 - £5) so the only really expensive ones were Led Zep IV and The Wall. I mainly shop for them in car boot sales which means most of the really valuable ones are either too expensive or simply not there, that's why there's a lot of not so good ones. I do actually have a few Thin Lizzy ones, but I've lost them somewhere, and the main reason why I've bought all the Pink Floyd ones is because they were sold in a bundle (I think about five of them for a fiver) so I thought I might as well get them whilst they're available.
  10. PART III – 1977 – 1981 1977 – Bat Out of Hell* – Meatloaf, Changes One* - David Bowie, Classic Rock* - London Symphony Orchestra, Rumours – Fleetwood Mac, Let There Be Rock* - AC/DC, The Light Shines On* - Electric Light Orchestra Yet another 6 parter! Starting with Bat Out of Hell, Meatloaf’s most famous album, a mix of hard rock, heavy metal and piano. The songs are mainly ballads, most of them stretching well over five minutes. I’m quite a fan of this album, although I only really like about half of the songs on the album. Changes One is a compilation of David Bowie songs up to abo
  11. Never really lived up to the hype for me. I got bored after the first 3 episodes.
  12. Kudos to who can spot the movie reference.
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