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  1. nowhere anywhere quick

  2. I would be in favor of canceling all holidays.
  3. The fuckers in Chicago canceled the "South-Side Irish Parade". It was getting to big after 30 years they claim. Fuck Them.
  4. Or http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3Q1BRohLEs
  5. Fucking A I found The Kiln House on vinyl and been in love since. I like both the early peter green and later rumous stryle they did. I have the early stuff marked "Fleetwood Mac (Blues)" and the later "Fleetwood Mac (Pop)" on my Ipod.
  6. Pb Derigable


    Retards vote early. Stupidest thing ever.
  7. I wish I could go back when my GF and I first had sex. I gave her my best show and I wished i just kept a little back. It's sad to say it's been downhill since. I can still get a quality start in every time, but the days of complete game shutout with the occassional perfect game are long gone. and to her credit, im still not worthy.
  8. a good video about horses on drugs. not about horse racing but close. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=06-s9uz0qK0...feature=related the whole video is good but the horse bit start around 2:30
  9. yeah the only thing that came form all of this is that big brown stole the show from a dead house and the house that won the race. Im kinda glad the trainer didn't win, because he was a complete fuck up who did drugs when he had a kid. then he comes out and basiclay guarentees victory. fuck him. i would like to see a triple crown winner, but that whole steriod deal came off shitty to me too.
  10. The only hard alcohol i have drank and will ever drink will be I do not have one of those stupid stories how i drank a fifth of SoCo like every high school cheerleader has, but i do know i have always token a shot of Johnny Walker Black on my birthday since i was legal and will continue to do so. I haven't had a birthday party since i was five and i don't believe i ever got lucky on my birthday, but Mr. Walker was always there.
  11. But thats my question, if global warming is bullshit in 50 years, Would you be willing to walk around with a shirt saying "I cried about global warming for fifty years, and all that happen was an shorten life span, becuase of all the stress, and this lousy T-Shirt. While my friends lived happy lives and are retried, unlike me, I spent all my money on green shit, and I do fries Mon thru Fri."
  12. Why thats not fair, because if 50 years, this theory turns out to be complete bullshit, i should deserve something in return. Wait, i do get somthing in return, having a less stressfull life because i don't call fire everytime i see the temp raise above 95deg,
  13. Thats fine, do the people who don't believe in global warming, get cheaper gas prices, and cheaper food prices. Because even if it's only a penny, sign me up.
  14. This is the exact reason I'm going to cringe when i vote for McCain. McCain is the main reason none of Pres. Bush policy worked, because he blocked everyone that should of worked. Now he won't allow drilling in anwar, but he'll allow off coast drilling on California? and other major coast lines? Im all for the environment, but i believe it's man first, animal second. Build nukes, build refineries. Thats what Pres. Bush been preaching for the last 8 years.
  15. I've been preaching this on this forum for the last two months. Build two refineries and open up anwar and gas will be atleast two bucks cheaper. From that you can make cleaner fuels.
  16. I read that was the most expensive movie to make based on film stock. B/W film cost twice as much as color stock and the film he had to used for the red jacket cost 3 times as much.
  17. Yeah that could definitely be the blame, but it's countries like china that suck up all the oil now. when the earthquake hit, oil demand went down 250,000 barrels. But the alternative fuel is responsible for high food prices, 25% of the corn now goes towards ethanol, which means less for animal feed and food. I think Pres. Bush stop putting oil in the reservoirs, so gas may come down, or at least not go as high. Plus the refineries go on maintenance cycles in which they have to shut down to fix things. The last two years almost every oil refinery was or will be shut down for maintenance. They normaly planed this, but there has been issues acroos the country that slowed or delayed the shutdown.
  18. Yeah because scientists who receive their money from colleges whose donors are Al Gore and George Soros, can only speak the truth.
  19. The scene in "Kids" where casper fucks the girl with H.I.V. while she is semi pass out. Im not in love with that scene, but it was the only scence that left me in a confused state for at least a week. Evey time I watch that movie, it gives me the chills.
  20. Tony Homo Romo dumped Carrie for the retard. What a fucking idiot.
  21. This is why i claim to be the whitest black man, because i love Marvin Gaye and Al Green, but Gaye the most. I just love the groove of the songs and it turned out that the same bassist was used on each of their songs. James Jameson. But you got to love a man who's father shot him down. IM going to have to catch this.
  22. This may be the last year for the whip. They think the PETA people will pressue the banning of the whip and most experts agree that nobody is really going to put up a big fight, maybe a few jockeys. Race day medication may be banned and thier may be an min. age to race.
  23. I hate when somebody implies that something is rigged, but if only a few of the top horses compete in the Belmont, the sports writers are going to have a field day comparing Big brown to every other triple crown winner, because the lack of competition.
  24. I will be surprise if big brown dos not win the triple crown. only one horse besides brown from the derby will race in the Preakness, I'm thinking things will be done so big brown will win the triple crown for the sake of the sport. Barboroo and Eight bells were in the same blood line and both suffered ankle problems. Brown will race in the breeders if he wins the triple crown because his value as a stud will not decrease if he loses. the UPS truck just pulled up to my house and Big brown the horse is named after UPS.
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