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  1. Do we know if they did private interviews with select reporters? Im surprise nothing was brought up about the Kennedy Center awards, asking whats next for Page (what is he near future plans), or his wishes regarding Led Zeppelin releases after Celebration Day? (Im not sure if there isn't anything left in the vault they would deem worthy an official release, would love some 75-77 tour).
  2. Cool presser. Whoever was running the press conference, along with the 3 of them, kept away from the "are you guys or why you guys aren't touring" question. Which is fair since its beating a dead horse, and any comment could be taken out of context.
  3. Go get U2. Bono is loved by every human being in the world and its at-least a band that could be in the same paragraph as Led Zep. but of course, they will get someone like Nickleback, or Kid Rock, or The Killers, or whomever can get their record company to donate the largest amount of money. Im sure they will trot out old man Steven Tyler and whomever is on the current CBS music show. Still a great day and a great honor.
  4. They have a few of those Dinner/movie places in Chicago, and most of them will serve alcohol, But it wouldn't be a Zeppelin concert if you didn't sneak in through the back with a 6 pack or selling fucking pirate posters in the front. Im definitely going to find the best sounding place.
  5. Cinema release. DvD and Kennedy Center Honors. I know that all of these are tied in into each other cause that's how the world works. Could a Super Bowl Halftime show be in the mix also???? I know Van Halen ( or Van Hagar) was rumored to play this year, and I heard on this forum Jimmy hates doing shorts sets/ or performances that are timed, so Im 100% sure Im wrong. Like 5 years ago, cool time to be a Zep Head
  6. I hope this is a cinematic release. That would blow my mind.
  7. That documentary from Biography channel is pretty horrid. Ive seen bits and pieces of it and never really made it more than 5 min. VH1 did a Led Zeppelin "Legends" 15 years ago. It was really good. It was narrated by Steven Tyler. I titled it "Ledgends" on my VHS tape from back than. its in 5 parts.
  8. I hope the mixing gets rid of the many many mistakes Big (I don't hear no screeching) Mick.made. God he was awful. I also hope they have a better design team for the artwork than who did Mothership, Early/Latter Days. HTWHW was a nice package, but the Title and the design was weird, Ill just be happy with a Stage Shot on the cover and "Led Zeppelin @O2 2003" Title.. I would be more than happy if we got the LA 77 soundboard tapes and possibility of all the Master tapes( with separate tracks) being published, but thats like ...........................
  9. But we have to spend money to save money. errrr. We have to spend future earning now so we can spend future earnings later. errrr. If we save money now, we won't have money to spend later errrr. I don't know?
  10. Hey Plashenko. yeah, you want to whine like a little bitch and say you should've won cause you landed a quad. How about landing the quad clean and not that bullshit you did before you talk. According to Plashenko logic, he should've just ran out their, did the quad and sat for the next 4min and 20 seconds. But if you apply that logic all the american had to do was just attempt the quad and he would've still won. Best trick contest is for the potsmokers on the snowboards, not the gays on the ice.
  11. When did Kate Bosworth started to compete in downhill? Lindsey Vonn Gratz Kate Bosworth
  12. Pb Derigable

    Top 5's

    In honor of the Winter Olympics TOP 5 FEMALE ATHLETES ACCORDING TO HOW HOT I THINK THEY ARE. All time 1. Paula Creamer-LPGA Golfer 2. Diandra Asbaty- WPBA Bowler (side note: We grew up less than 3miles apart) 3. Cat Whitehill- American Soccer player 4. Martina Hingis- Former Tennis star-current drug user 5. My high school crush (name withheld) 4-year all area in Basketball and Soccer. (Alot hotter than previous 4 but not well known)
  13. Thx for posting this. This interest me quite a bit, I live 4miles from Toyota Park, on the same street no less, and I would never of heard about this. Ty
  14. Pb Derigable

    Top 5's

    Top 5 names I like in a Woman 1.Christine 2.Dawn 3.Annie 4.Katie 5.Stephanie Top 5 names i wish I had 1. Page 2. Jones 3. Sundance 4. Kelvin 5. Camnorick
  15. Gratz to the Saints inb4 im going to disney world commerical
  16. Doesn't Taylor hang out with the sluts of Hollywood. So tell me how is anything but a cumdumster with a cowboy hat. She has some talent, but Miley Cyrus actually has quite a bit of talent. Daddy is trying to sex her up in which its a shame.
  17. This show is going to fail. Why. You're taking the CEO of the largest waste mgt. companies on the first night. How can you top that. You can't. Unless you take Obama and put him on the tires in a GM plant. Really, what could possible be better. Its a dirty job knockoff.
  18. nowhere anywhere quick

  19. My old truck work truck got stuck in full throttle while driving to another site, i couldn't slow down so I shifted in first gear and stalled the engine. Than It took a good minute to slow the 10,000 lbs truck to a stop with no power brakes. I found an apple stuck underneath the throttle lever on the carb.
  20. Effective January 1st, 2010 at 12:01, Texting while operating any motor-vehicle on public roads in the great state of Illinois is now prohibited. I like the law, we are getting closer to the "NO MORONS ALLOWED LAW" which is a good thing.
  21. I wonder how many pages this was from the first page of threads before this 1 and half year old thread was brought back to life?
  22. Pb Derigable

    Haiti Quake

    A television reporter ask a man walking down the street what he thought about the Haiti quake. He said, FUCK HAITI. I kinda have to go with that answer and not go hog wild with my new found ability to post videos of random shit in Haiti
  23. I always considered The Who a "Bass First" band. i.e. who pushed the song, but thinking about Petes guitar technique, he would almost have to be lead but John really was the musical part of most songs. Jonesy definelty followed Bonzo cause Bonzo never did the same fill in a row or in a week. Bonzo may of been the pace of the band, but they played whatever Jimmy did (Jonesy stated that). Jimmy tends to play faster on songs in the beginning of the set. Jones and Bonzo did adjust their timing to accent different parts of the song. They would play a note a little sooner each time to make the song sound faster, but Jimmy played at the same rate. Led Zeppelin II is covered in it and Dazed and Confuse Finale is a big example. Jimmy is not playing faster, nor is Jonesy or Bonzo they are just hitting the beat a little sooner than jimmy.
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