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  1. Physical Graffiti got my vote, and it was not to hard figure it out. But of course Presence, III, II, are all in a very close second place. There have been times when i would have voted for "In through the outdoor" even if i think its their weakest album. But LZ weakest album is better than most groups strongest album.
  2. hardly impossible to vote, after some thinking i voted for The Rover but it could be almost every song, This album is so f***ing great, so great that it stands out even compared to other zep-albums.
  3. 6 month ago i would have voted Achilles Last Stand, but Presence was playing in my car every day and after that all i can say is Tea for One Jimmys best bluesguitarplaying that i have heard, and yes i have heard since i been loving you a miljon times, also a great song, but Tea For One is one of top five zep songs through all time.
  4. The easiest album to choose favourites from, for me it must be two songs since they kind of belongs to each other. Everyone knows what i talking about. The Song Remains The Same och Rain Song. The later one has always through the years holds a top 5 zep songs of all time, only Tea for One that can match that.
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