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  1. Dear Zepscoda... Thank You for the Replay Link!! Myself and several friends had horrible time trying to get a Clean Feed from Yahoo Live... every time the signal went out, you'd have to refresh and wade through another commercial. I know a few people who also had trouble trying to get access through their phones. Your link seems to be working well.
  2. Ever have a bottle of wine (or a good vape) that just Blew You Away??? And even though you're not wanton to profanity - the only appropriate response was "This tastes too fu@#ing good!!" Yeah... it's like that! 30 years to-the-date since I had my first turntable and my first listen of Led Zeppein II - getting bitten by the Vinyl Renaissance Bug in time for the Deluxe Remasters - perfection. Doesn't get any better than this...
  3. The best part about NOT having your pre-order complete (not enough Zep I Deluxes) finding it at the Local Record Shop and getting a bag of Free Zeppelin Swag! As for a Zeppelin I Vinyl Review, I can hear it calling me the way it used to - it feels good to have you back again... I'm still Meditating on it and enjoying every sublime second.
  4. Great Radio Program Streaming NOW... Led Zeppelin Deluxe!! Covering all kinds of aspects of the Reissues - probably taken from a lot of different interviews but I DOUBT you'll ever hear it all put together in ONE Place like this.... http://player.listenlive.co/26321
  5. Great Radio Program Streaming NOW... Led Zeppelin Deluxe!!! http://player.listenlive.co/26321
  6. Mook... your comments as well as others talking about countries outside the US getting their Reissues early reminds me of a recent Robert Plant interview... (can't remember which with the surge of activity) where Robert's talking about the amount of time he spends in the US and how much the Vinyl Renaissance here influenced/motived the reissues project - I'm sure Jimmy feels the same. Regardless of who get their goods first... I think the rest of the world needs to send us a Zeppelin Thank You!!
  7. "Led Zeppelin Deluxe I-II-III • Jimmy Page and Robert Plant" produced by In The Studio with Redbeard - will air on radio stations Sunday, June 1st... 10pm ET / 9pm Central. The In The Studio website has a June 2nd date listed which must be when the show will be available on the website for re-streaming.
  8. If anyone is interested.... this Sunday, June 2nd - there will be a Nationally Broadcast Program, "Led Zeppelin Deluxe I-II-III • Jimmy Page and Robert Plant" produce by In The Studio with Redbeard - 10pm ET / 9pm Central. Probably a compilation of In The Studio Interviews but I imagine it will be well done... one last blast to get us pumped up for Monday's release! (not that anyone needs it) Here's link to all of the participating radio stations - I'm sure they all have online streaming options: http://www.inthestudio.net/radio-stations/radio-stations/
  9. I chatted with Redbeard from In The Studio... I'm guessing with the lack of clear info that Sunday Night's Broadcast will be a compilation of In The Studio interviews over the years vs. any new material. It's being broadcast nationally so it should be well done. One last shot of pumping us up for Monday's Release... as if we need it!
  10. Thanks Dark Lord, I have that link - and the 2 minute audio clip isn't working. Is that a Preview of Sunday's Radio Broadcast???
  11. A buddy of mine called me today to tell me about a radio program scheduled for Sunday, June 2nd to preview the Reissues Release on Monday. I've been searching for details and the only thing I have so far is - it will be broadcast @ 10pm ET / 9pm Central on stations across the country. I also found one site referring to it as "Led Zeppelin Deluxe I-II-III with Jimmy Page and Robert Plant" @ In The Studio with Red Beard. Does anyone know anything about this or is anyone chatting about it on the forum??? Any details would be appreciated. If this topic is already going... my apologies and pleas
  12. You mean you didn't like the "Do you party with your clients?" question?? I think he skipped that one :>)
  13. "A little preachy, no?" Mmmm... maybe the "Do the right thing Jimmy" was a bit. But certainly NOT expressing the truth regarding the economic realities of the majority of the U.S. and a LOT of Led Zeppelin Fans. Nor what a bad idea a box set of the Vinyl Reissues would be vs. releasing them individually - which was presented as and EITHER/OR option by P.Mensch and NOT both as you suggest. Hopefully he really is "out of the loop" on that decision making process and just misspoke. You're right about one thing... a Led Zeppelin Vinyl Reissue Box Set, including only Jimmy knows what in extras
  14. Hey Cookie... thanks for helping hook me up to the reddit gig! Pretty disappointing unfortunately - I realize P.Mensch manages a lot of groups but Jimmy Page is by far the one generating the majority of the BUZZ and participation in the forum for all of us HUNGRY for REAL Led Zeppelin news. I can't quite figure out his decision to return after three months with essentially NO content??? His answer to my questions regarding the Vinyl Reissues were troubling @ best and I sincerely hope when the decisions are made whether or not to do the Vinyl Releases individually or as a box set that they
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