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  1. I brushed the cobwebs off my twitter account yesterday and was able to spend a few minutes reading along, waiting for the '$64K question' --whatever that would be (If I had known, I would have asked it myself ha ha) I suppose I'll go back to being a non-tweeter now that the excitement is over. Proplant, thanks for posting the Q&A results!
  2. Those are fantastic. My favorite is the last one. Is the artist local (i.e. Atlanta)?
  3. Hi JLee! Wow...that's too bad that you missed out! I imagine you were crushed. Meet ups are great. I've been fortunate to meet a number of great people and friends over the last several years.
  4. That's surprising!! Glad you enjoyed it! The last time I saw Heart was in Nov 2010 at the Las Vegas Hilton...great show but I expect this one will be better because 1) they've been on tour quite awhile now, 2) this one is outdoors. Thanks...just two more weeks to go...
  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Stormbringer!!! Hi Walter! That's good to know because my expectations are high. I haven't had a chance to read reviews thus far so I'm glad you give it a thumbs up. Too bad you missed out on the t-shirt...did they sell out? Idea! I'll bet you can find one on ebay if you still want one. I know, it's not the same...more fun to purchase at the show. Or, I'll be happy to pick one up for you (assuming they have one) for $60. j/k
  6. Hi Jabe! No worries...I was going to post it sooner or later. Looking forward to Heart as well!
  7. Awwwww....many many thanks! I'm afraid I'm a bit late....however, super idea, Walter!! Can we have an Atlanta redo? ha ha Hi GA!!!
  8. Finally got around to looking at your pics from the Alabama....They're fantastic!! I love the Alabama Theatre!! How I missed this one, I don't know. I must have been in Las Vegas... Thanks!
  9. http://youtu.be/LAZyNS6DVeQ http://youtu.be/iyhtCR9wUY4 http://youtu.be/--hkNo0JEow http://youtu.be/sV5mBxCAFfo http://youtu.be/_0ifmBs8VgA
  10. The coolest thing happened today..... This morning I was listening to Robert Plant's Greatest Hits as I waited for a business appointment to arrive. When the doorbell rang, I turned the volume off. Once our meeting was over, the gentleman asked me if I was a Led Zeppelin fan...he asked because he noticed the Robert Plant CD cover that I'd left on a table. I told him that I love LZ and went on to say that I had just attended the Robert Plant concert in Atlanta the previous week. He mentioned that he had seen some videos of the Atlanta show on youtube from someone named Bham or something like that. I laughed and told him those were MY videos on youtube. I said Gina Bham Bound is ME!! We started laughing....small world, huh????? Anyway, the gentleman I met today is forum member, JABE!!! He told me about the forum, suggested I sign up, and the rest is history! Footnote: Jabe and I had met a couple of times before but never talked music. Had I not left the CD cover on the table, he never would have known those were my videos of the Atlanta show. Also, I wouldn't be here today. Very cool stuff (cue Twilight Zone music)!! Hi Jabe!!! Hi Everyone!!!!
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