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  1. The problem is the mix feels a bit thin compared to the previous records. Very sparse. Compare it to past records. The thinness and lack of punch of the mix undermines the material and makes it sound limp. Even on songs like In The Evening which is a very strong track. Compare how weakly Page's guitar lines are mixed compared to his earlier stuff or the overall sound balance compared to Kashmir.
  2. I think I've got it: 1) In The Evening 2) South Bound Saurez 3) Carouselambra (Epic Rough Mix) 4) Ozone Baby 5) All My Love 6) Darlene 7) Wearing and Tearing Run time: 41:49 The album starts off epic, and ends on a blistering rocking note. No Hot Dog. No "I'm Gonna Crawl" synthy fluff. We have touches of Jones' experimentation in the mighty Carouselambra, and Robert's beautiful ode to Karac, while keeping three songs that have the old Zeppelin stomp plus a fun goofy track in SBS.
  3. What's the general consensus here on these three tracks? I feel like they're honestly truly classic Zep tracks.
  4. What caused the falling out between Robert, Jimmy and John in the 90s? In the last days of Zeppelin, Robert and JPJ were closer than ever...and then suddenly in the 90s the other two pretended like he didn't exist. Why didn't Robert and Jimmy even give a thought to including John in their Page/Plant thing in the 90s?
  5. All 4 of them were equally irreplaceable. So if Jimmy or Jones passed, they could've gotten say Brian May or someone to fill in or Ray Manzarek, but it would not have been the same. Led Zeppelin was those 4 guys. Jason Bonham is the only acceptable substitute and let's be honest - that's because he was John's son. The only exception I make is if Robert, Jimmy, and John Paul had found an AMAZING drummer on par with Bonzo in the 90s. I think a 90s Zep reunion record with a different drummer *could* have worked. But then it'd still be a different band.
  6. I don't think they were that smug in 1980...They were not the same band they had been back in 1973 or even 1976. Robert was not the Golden God anymore...That died with Karac. I think they would've been the one 'older' band to continue to make great records in the '80s. Think of Queen's career without Hot Space. I can see Wearing and Tearing, Darlene, Ozone Baby etc being dug up for an early 80s album with some more experimental Jonesy numbers. ITTOD was a transition, it wasn't the future. Just as every song on Physical Graffiti didn't copy The Crunge.... At the absolute worst it might've
  7. 1) In The Evening (2015 Deluxe Mix) 2) Darlene 3) All of My Love 4) Fool in the Rain 5) South Bound Saurez 6) Carouselambra (the rougher mixed "The Epic" version) 7) Wearing and Tearing 8) Ozone Baby Issue Hot Dog and I'm Gonna Crawl as B-Sides to In The Evening and Wearing and Tearing. You get a diverse, but still hard hitting album that is the late 70s version of HOTH.
  8. Having seen and listened to stuff from the 1980 tour I have things I've noticed, and would love to discuss: The band not only ditched the elaborate costumes and stage shows that had come to dominate their act and image in the 1970s, but also played a tighter, more taut setlist, bereft of gimmicks and effects. Robert had cut his hair (albeit just a bit) as did Jimmy; John cut his hair completely short. All the guys were now wearing jeans and t-shirts rather than the more elaborate costumes of earlier years. Robert was no longer the Golden God displaying his chest for all the adoring fe
  9. Too many bad memories. Fear of it turning into a toxic money grabbing scene of hangers on like 1977. Personal issues with Jimmy going back to Karac's death. Fear of not being able to live up to past glory. Zeppelin at this point is a LEGEND. Any album that entirely made up of songs on par with Stairway to Heaven or such will be seen as a letdown. You can't compete with legend and mythology. His being embarrassed about the more "juvenile" aspects of Zeppelin. Bonzo being dead. Not being in tune musically with Jimmy and John anymore. The fact that no matter what they'd do the fans would want mor
  10. The Doors and Led Zeppelin are two different beasts entirely so to compare them, or pit them together in a sort of grudge match doesn't really work. It's like comparing alcohol (The Doors) and pot (Led Zeppelin). Both will get you feeling good but in different ways. They were cut from two different cloths and two different scenes despite being similarly inspired by the Blues. Jim Morrison was arguably a more intellectual person than Robert, but he was also more stuck-up as well. He was not a natural performer like Robert was, but he was a more confident lyricist than Robert. Robert would
  11. Anyone have, or could post, the last known picture of the band together (off stage)?
  12. Yeah...She checked and then waited an hour and rechecked. Nothing. i don't think registration is disabled because why would it have allowed both she and I too? I think the site is broken. It can't be both our computers...She has a Mac and I have a PC...
  13. I've listened to some boots/rehearsals of Zep doing 50s music and other bands covers.... Anyone else think it would've been cool to have had Zep do a '50s cover album in say 1974 or so? '50s Nostalgia was big around then and Zep loved a lot of that stuff and I think they could've credibly covered it as a stopgap between Houses and Graffiti, also so they had some 'new product' in 1974 for the fans to enjoy. Something like: 1) Please Don't Tease (Cliff Richard) 2) Love Me/King Creole (Elvis) [medley] 3) Around and Around (Chuck Berry) 4) Blueberry Hill (Fats Domino) 5) Scho
  14. Led Zeppelin is tied with the Stones for me for my all time favorite rock band, and here's why. Both bands had extremely charismatic singers and guitarists; both had great lyrics, melodies and were extremely versatile in their ability to try, and conquer, other sub-genres. While CCR or such might've done roots rock better than Zeppelin, and Yes did Prog better than Zeppelin, Zeppelin has no parallel in terms of being the perfect, most accessible and melodic distillation of those genres. Zeppelin for me as no real rival outside of the Stones. Live they had NO match except for the Stones in 197
  15. What's everyone's favorite Doors LP? Mine is Morrison Hotel.
  16. I even had my girlfriend tried to register from a separate PC. They said she was registered and to check her email. Never got an email. She asked them to send her her info. Never got an email. When she said she forgot her password, the site crashed for her in the same way for me. Totally different computer and IP address. Can you please post openly about this in their forum feedback section, because the site seems to be broken.
  17. Could you post on the forum about it? It's still not working
  18. I think Zep choosing to break up was a huge loss to music and rock. I can understand and respect why they did. I also feel that even if they had gotten a drummer who was exactly the same as Bonzo in terms of style, sound and feel, it would never have been the same band again. Zeppelin was a unit. A machine of working parts. Even if the bulk of the machine remained the same (Robert, John, and Jimmy), adding a new drummer into the mix would've resulted in a different band. So many rock bands have replaced members and continued on, but they've never been quite the same group. Look at the Stones a
  19. After the release of ITTOD, is it known if Zep jammed on or rehearsed even one single lick, riff or anything instrumental? You figure Zeppelin lasted for an entire year after the release of ITTOD. Are there no known songs or even riffs, sketches, that date from the period after the ITTOD sessions to September 1980?
  20. Hi guys, I've been trying to register over at the IORR Rolling Stones messageboard. Everytime I hit 'register', the site crashes. This has been going on for a few weeks. So I try to re-register, and it says my email is already in use - yet I never get a confirmation email. I tried using another few emails, and even different browsers. When I try getting my password changed on the login page - claiming I've lost my password, I get: The iorr.org page isn’t working iorr.org is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 I've never been a member of that forum. I've
  21. Does anyone know why, though, that it wasn't bothered with for ITTOD? It seems very complete, at least, musically speaking (lyrically might have needed some work), and was much more in spirit with Zep's 'sound', but more mature--it'd have fit on ITTOD more than some of the other songs. I mean, why it never turned up even on say, Coda, is beyond me. The ending of the demo suggests, though, Page wanted it to be longer--like it fades to what Page might have envisioned as a slow breakdown part. I just hear another classic, epic in the making in this song.
  22. As I understand it, nowadays a 2 year release cycle between albums is pretty much the norm, but in the '70s, two years between albums was considered essentially forever. At a time where you had The Rolling Stones, Zep's main rivals, releasing albums each year from 1968-1974, Zep's turn around period begins to slow starting with Houses of the Holy. Where the Stones released Sticky Fingers in '71, then Exile in '72, in 1972 we got no new Zep, and Holy didn't come out until early '73. Where the Stones released IGoat's Head Soup in '73, t's Only Rock N' Roll in '74, it took until early '75
  23. I actually love Out Door, and it along with Graffiti are the two Zeppelin albums I listen to the most, and I love Carouselambra (I think the lyrics are metaphorical for what Plant saw as the band winding down, the dark last two years they'd gone through, and other things), but I was answering the thread's question, and playing Devil's Advocate if you will. I actually think their first album is their weakest. I don't really listen to it very much. Zepp didn't come into their own until II, in my opinion.
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