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  1. So true. Jimmy said something like that, about how type of player he is : "I'm not technicly the best, but when i'm on stage i go for it..." I will add that his sloppy phrasing often give birth to licks came from nowhere, which can only be played like this.
  2. It's me or Jimmy does the backs here ? That would make my day (and sens).
  3. No quarter 1977/06/14 The intro of the solo is crazy.
  4. 1973/06/07 Heartbreaker Jimmy use the wah pedal during the solo !
  5. I thought it was funny...at the time.
  6. 3/07/70 And it is also my favorite. The solo is daunting , what trip! By the way, here are my top 5 (with a large coefficient reserved for solos, major attractions of this piece: 1 ) Montreux . No comment. 2) Paris 69: Key date in my opinion. This is the moment of artistic transition which increased the group in the sphere of lyricism. Led Zeppelin sphere exactly. Note the striking contrast between the nervousness that characterizes the tour " filmore " and , more generally, throughout the summer tour, and the sweet poetry which showed Jimmy in this HMMT . This version is simply magical , the construction of the solo gives pride to licks that we find later in 70 . The story began . 3) Filmore 69 (26 and 27 April) : other sound ( almost metallic ) , another approach, another dynamic may be , but damn it's moving! As I said earlier, this is nervous , it smells Led Zep 2 . Special mention for the bow. 4)Hamburg 11.03.1970 : Using the wah wah for the solo: something rare enough to be underlined. In line with montreux (4 days apart) , perhaps a bit more aggresive 5)Boston 28/05/1969 : " fuzz sound ", got to love it. Beautiful setting "for your love" . Very energetic . My English is very limited, hard to send emotions to anyone reading this message. Yet this is not what is missing when I listen to this track ! Cheers.
  7. Communication Breakdown. Hiroshima 1971. One of the heaviest riff at the beginning.
  8. for the reference. The all show is fantastic, he contains probably the best Dazed : Jimmy is on fire, a riff machine. Jones/Bonzo are insane too. Proof that band gived for "us" 30% of his potential: For Heartbreaker (exept this one) : Inglewood 71 (both nights.). MSG 71 (favourite concert ) Htwww. Baltimore 1973 (very bad quality :/) But matter of taste. What to observe is that this piece is above all a matter of technique, or Jimmy reaches its peak at this time : 71 and 1/2/72. Great combination beetwen Felling and skills (gitf for haters)
  9. I talk about the second night of Earl's Court (the 18th) and, in my opinion, its not an easy pick. I even think it's one of the most underrated show ever. For the rest, especially Seattle, I have difficulty to understand your enthusiasm. Not to mention the performance, I think the sound of this concert is awful. The instruments sound like in a shoe box ! The only point on which I can reach you is the acoustic set : you're right, bron y aur sounds heavy. Otherwise, I guarantee you can find better performance of other titles that you mention : Achilles on June 22/23 ; Kashmir on June 21 or June 11.
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