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  1. Of course, the "fiasco" refers to public reaction, which seems completely incomprehensible considering the performance and the type of solo in question. And it's like that for almost every interpretation (decently recorded or not). As much usual, the solo is followed by a cathedral of silence, broken by Plant, as here, Plant delaying to starting his couplet, only a few meager aplaudissements are heard. The thesis of the "paralyzing emotional shock" is therefore - IMO - excluded. I'd kill to obtain the testimony of one of these Silent One.
  2. So true. Jimmy said something like that, about how type of player he is : "I'm not technicly the best, but when i'm on stage i go for it..." I will add that his sloppy phrasing often give birth to licks came from nowhere, which can only be played like this.
  3. It's me or Jimmy does the backs here ? That would make my day (and sens).
  4. No quarter 1977/06/14 The intro of the solo is crazy.
  5. 1973/06/07 Heartbreaker Jimmy use the wah pedal during the solo !
  6. May be not the most melodic but, as you say : intense. And bonzo .. love the complicity* between the two. *not sure of the pertinence of this word.
  7. As french, you can not imagine how hard it is to see him interviewed by a "journalist" (presenter, actually), developer, among others, of the the worst talent show we ever had, which gave this kind of stuff : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G9eWD_f4tXE http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=03-V4y-giBI&feature=kp http://https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LG6DPOIeZA For once I dig everything, it's an useless itw...know that non-english speaking are very frustrated to not take advantage of the audio sources findable on the web. Lucky you are.
  8. I had this thought while listening to the San Diego gig, in 1977. What an audience ! More precisely in No quarter, when the bluesy jam ends and when Jonesy takes the original theme song. At this point, you can hear the screams of the crowd, including a hysterical guy (especially when Jimmy joined the piano) who scream like i want a scream when i listen to this stuff. I also think about the first and unique time i hear the audience singing stairway :
  9. I thought it was funny...at the time.
  10. Thanks to you, chef. Oh, I would not put all this time if I know how to use audacity. ^ ^ For the sources, I refer you to the description on youtube.
  11. Hi, All in the title. I took 10 of my favorite versions into a giant medley : 30 minutes of what could be, at least for my case, the best CB of all time! : D http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FPfmKJX_37Q&hd=1 Have a good time. Ps: i hate this job. Associate my passion for Led Zeppelin and my aversion to anything related directly or indirectly to the technology...no more !
  12. 3 different recording tone. I personally would have added New York. I'm sure people would wear a different look at the live play of Page.The quantity of new riffs this month..
  13. I do not know if you find clients for your ticket, however I am curious to get feedback from the concert.
  14. Yes. Missing the end But what we have is gold. I'd like to hear a witness of these few weeks. The artistic peak, considering the shape of the 4 musicians.
  15. I really like this era, the early september's gigs. Jimmy is on fire, clean and spontaneous. Bonzo, no comment, I think this is one of his best performance. I rediscovered the goove of heartbreaker. Great solo too, what a final ! (7:02 ) I can't explain the 3 dislikes. Black dog is insane. Especialy the solo. I do not exchange 10 earls court against this live.
  16. Now you know what we, frenchies, feel towards google trad. : o
  17. 3/07/70 And it is also my favorite. The solo is daunting , what trip! By the way, here are my top 5 (with a large coefficient reserved for solos, major attractions of this piece: 1 ) Montreux . No comment. 2) Paris 69: Key date in my opinion. This is the moment of artistic transition which increased the group in the sphere of lyricism. Led Zeppelin sphere exactly. Note the striking contrast between the nervousness that characterizes the tour " filmore " and , more generally, throughout the summer tour, and the sweet poetry which showed Jimmy in this HMMT . This version is simply magical , the construction of the solo gives pride to licks that we find later in 70 . The story began . 3) Filmore 69 (26 and 27 April) : other sound ( almost metallic ) , another approach, another dynamic may be , but damn it's moving! As I said earlier, this is nervous , it smells Led Zep 2 . Special mention for the bow. 4)Hamburg 11.03.1970 : Using the wah wah for the solo: something rare enough to be underlined. In line with montreux (4 days apart) , perhaps a bit more aggresive 5)Boston 28/05/1969 : " fuzz sound ", got to love it. Beautiful setting "for your love" . Very energetic . My English is very limited, hard to send emotions to anyone reading this message. Yet this is not what is missing when I listen to this track ! Cheers.
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