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  1. I've always been intrigued by Zooma. Think I will have to get it now.
  2. But it's fucking true. He is perhaps the most important element of the band and so easy to take for granted. He not only plays bass but is a kickass keys player and can even play mandolin, guitar, etc. if needed. He is a true musician. I am a guitar player but if I were a bass player I would easily see him as a master over Flea, Les Claypool, etc. Everyone hails every other member of Led Zeppelin and it's almost "default" to sort of acknowledge John Paul Jones as an afterthought. I can see why he was upset with being left out of the Unledded sessions.
  3. Where do these soundboards get released? How do people find out about the announcements of such things?
  4. Nice. Thanks for clarifying. I've always wondered. I'm going to have to search for more 5/18 footage because that Kashmir I posted above is pretty epic.
  5. Any idea what nights the 2003 DVD section consist of? That version of In My Time of Dying is perhaps my all time favorite performance. I can't tell how many times I've watched that through the years, but it's definitely at least 1000 easily. When that DVD came out, Surround Sound was brand new, and my family had a big screen TV back then in the basement. I got initiated into the Zeppelin obsession from that DVD release. I would blast that shit at 89 or 90 volume sometimes. It changed my life and I started to really grock their albums from then on. The CD release you mentioned would definitely be worth the money. I would love to explore all the various nights. Regarding the salvaging, I heard or read that Page actually cooked the 2003 DVD footage in an oven? I love Page's Esoteric interests, and that is some STRAIGHT UP Alchemy if that's true.
  6. That would be great! I'm incredibly new. I'm a gigantic fan, but just haven't gone into the bootleg area thus far for whatever reason. Would appreciate it!
  7. Oh you're right it was 5/18...I was referencing this that i came across recently. was thinking it was 5/17 but was wrong. I am new to the Zep bootleg vibe it's sad to say, but i'm starting to gain an interest. Seems that they have some legendary bootleg culture that's up there if not the best compared to other bands with lots of bootlegs?
  8. What year is Bath? isn't that early on? Yeah, from what I have seen on Youtube it really depends on the night regarding Plant's voice for Earl's Court. There's some really good sounds during certain nights. 5/25 and one of the first two nights (thinking it's 5/17) seems really good from what I have heard.
  9. Or will there be none at all? I could see maybe a remastering of Earl's Court in a complete concert (even if it combined various nights), or a 1977 concert. Thoughts?
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