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  1. That's awesome! Hate to be like this, but (at least in your list) you forgot: Bron-Yr-Aur I'm Gonna Crawl* I Can't Quit You Baby (Live) Poor Tom White Summer Baby Come On Home Great job anyway, though.
  2. Haha I did the same thing! Led Zeppelin III to Led Zeppelin IV (-2) Led Zeppelin II to Led Zeppelin III (+2)
  3. Probably III because there isn't one absolutely groundbreaking song on it. Fool in the Rain and Achilles Last Stand are two of my favorites, so that leaves us with III
  4. Achilles Last Stand is most definitely the greatest song of all time, but For Your Life might be in the top 5.
  5. 35% Bonzo, 30% Jimmy, 20% JPJ, 15% Robert = All of the above.
  6. I can't believe Fool in the Rain is on there! I know you don't like to hear this but it has maybe the greatest drum beat ever, and is just an amazing song. I think you did forget South Bound Saurez, that song is definitely not so hot.
  7. First post! Lets give this a try... BEST AND WORST : Album Best : Physical Graffiti Worst : Coda Song Best : Achilles Last Stand Worst : South Bound Suarez Band member Best : John Bonham Worst (least favorite): Whoever gave him that much alcohol. Album cover Best : Led Zeppelin Worst : Led Zeppelin III Tour Best : North America 1977 Worst : Australia 1972 (Jimmy shaves his beard, some shows cut short). Year Best : 1969 Worst : 1980
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