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  1. I think it's in reference to sex.
  2. What makes me, me, is the experiences I've had in life.
  3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond-Pink Floyd Was watching Pink Floyd the Syd Barrett story last night, sad what happened to Syd.
  4. Black Sabbath-Paranoid [Full Album] Hand Of Doom has to be one of the best Sabbath songs ever the drumming is just incredible as is Rat Salad.
  5. No Quarter-Led Zeppelin This is probably my favorite Zeppelin song, it's so epic.
  6. Judas Priest-Redeemer Of Souls [Full Deluxe Edition CD]
  7. It's a good album Stargroves, if you like Priest you will like this album. I have never seen Priest live myself, I hope you enjoy the show when they come to New York.
  8. The new Priest album is awesome.
  9. Judas Priest-Redeemer Of Souls (Full Deluxe edition CD) What a great album this is.
  10. Great album, not one bad song on the entire album. I have multiple version's of the album, Deluxe, Unmixed and several Boots of the Born Again Tour.
  11. Happy Belated Birthday John Henry Bonham, you are gone, but never forgotten. You were an irreplaceable element in Zeppelin, and your mates made that known by never regrouping again, except for the one time with the rightful heir to your throne, your son Jason, who I'm sure you'd be proud of and watched him play from up above with a smile from ear to ear.
  12. Check out, The Warning, Hand Of Doom, After Forever, Under The Sun, Spiral Architect, Megalomania, She's Gone, A Hard Road. A song from each album, starting with their eponymous self titled Debut, of course you must listen to the eponymous song Black Sabbath.
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