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  1. So terrible answer overall, but I'm going to throw out the famous April 1, 1971 show at the Paris Cinema Theatre in London even though anyone has listened to this on the BBC Sessions album. However, if you have never listened to a bootleg copy of this show, then I strongly recommend doing so because there is just something about at least the Empress Valley release of this show that I find to be much better than the official release. The Plantations are great, and I hate to say this especially after getting a remastered version of it, but I find this unofficial mix of it to be significantly better overall. Everything is almost as clear, but with the bass at a normal level it just sounds more natural and the guitar and keyboards are isolated in each channel. I have always had a very difficult time making it all the way through disc 2 of the BBC Sessions, but never have that problem listening to this full show. Stairway To Heaven sounds absolutely beautiful here, which is something I never thought after listening to the official release. Also something about it is that when listening to the bootleg version of the show I find it really captures the atmosphere of the show and you really feel like you are sitting in that small crowd, but on the official release it pretty much feels like you are listening to music that was recorded in a studio with no audience, hell even the 2 seconds of audience at the end of each track sounds like it was just copied and pasted to the end of each song lol.
  2. Honestly I am really holding out for the rest of Osaka 9/29/71. That to me will pretty much be the definite live Zeppelin show for me, well from the era lol. A soundboard from 1972 would be great, but pretty sure Jimmy keeps those tapes under his bed where they are "safe". Seattle 6/19/72...
  3. Pink Floyd live in Ontario, Canada 1975-06-28. I love when they played 'Dogs'. Damn was 1975 an absolute great year for concerts!?
  4. The first half hour really is phenomenal! Snowblind and War Pigs are great. I usually do just listen to the first 5 songs, then skip to Paranoid lol. I listened to the full show the other day, and it would probably be tough getting through it if I have never made it through an entire '75 Zeppelin show before, but after getting through any '75 Zeppelin show I've yet to have a difficult time making it through another show lol.
  5. It's the show that includes the most songs from my favorites! Plus I find the loose vibes of the show to be extremely enjoyable, after all it's still '73 Zeppelin when they couldn't play a bad show if they tried (well aside from Vancouver lol), an early performance of No Quarter would have fit this show too well. Plus that 5 minute solo during Thank You remains a long time favorite guitar solo of mine. I also must admit I'm taking sound quality into a major consideration on this question because if I was limited to only 1 bootleg I would really want 1 that sounds great on my home stereo, in my car, on headphones, and just on my phone speaker at any volume.
  6. I hate to say it, but I would probably go with Southampton University 1973 'Working Tapes'. '
  7. Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park 1975 45 years ago today! This has got to be the absolute best recording of Black Sabbath with the perfect setlist, and the best atmosphere.
  8. You must include either Vancouver 1975/03/20, Fort Worth 1975/03/03, or Copenhagen 1979/07/24 since during those shows Plant does some lovely scream right before the solo. I love those performances. Also while Stairway To Heaven was incredible live, don't forget the several different studio rough takes found on the Studio Sessions bootlegs as those are also some damn good recordings!! Recently I downloaded a copy of the 1971-04-01 BBC Sessions show (EV version) and was blown away by it! Stairway To Heaven is incredible on it. I would definitely wrap it up with Frankfurt 1980-06-30 as it sounds so unique compared to earlier performances.
  9. Slightly off topic, but related.. Anyone know if bootleg LPs are still manufactured..?
  10. After that show in LA 1971-08-21, he was probably celebrating his birthday at the riot house driving a motorcycle off the top floor balcony into the swimming pool, and probably took a massive hit off Jonsey's new 6' tall bong that left him coughing for 45 minutes ultimately messing his vocals up. Afterall, the band certainly seemed like they did not get any sleep the next night at the Forum. Still played a killer show because it was 1971.
  11. Why did they not use autotune to fix that like real musicians? F***ing posers.
  12. About a week or two ago, I was actually listening to Since I've Been Loving You from the remastered HTWWW album. While Since I've Been Loving You has always been one of my favorite Zeppelin songs, I never really cared for this version.. While listening to it recently right as it starts going into the main guitar solo I was just completely astonished by just how f***ing amazing Jimmy's playing was. Kind of haven't wanted to play guitar much since then being that guitar was completely mastered in 1972 by Jimmy. People can try to knock Jimmy anytime, and yet he still is always listed in the top 3 greatest guitarists ever.
  13. If it were real they could have sold it as they advertised, then turned around in 6 months and included SIBLY and sold it all over again which seems to be normal. However, don't be surprised if they are selling the full show in 6 months using the audience source and the full soundboard (of the Paris show).
  14. Did they at least use the source from the remastered Complete BBC Sessions? hahaha.
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