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  1. I usually stick with Montreux 3-7-70 & Vancouver 3-21-70 for the sound quality, but LA 3-27-70 is enjoyable.
  2. Since I've Been Loving You - LA 6-23-1977.
  3. Sounds very good, Houston was already my go-to '77 SBD show.
  4. That sounds pretty damn good. Where may I get the rest of it!?
  5. Are we allowed to share any of this on the torrent sites?
  6. Dang, did not expect to be listening to this right now. I'm used to hearing of upcoming releases 2 years in advanced. At least someone took it upon themselves to deliver a 50th anniversary release. I highly doubt Page or Empress Valley could have came up with a better release.
  7. Those '72 performances of Thank You were incredible. The possibility of another one ranks at #2 on my holy Grail wish list.
  8. ^^ Tokyo 1971-09-24 during Whole Lotta Love, Jones got on the organ for Your Time Is Gonna Come.
  9. Not saying this is my favorite Rain Song since its missing the first 3 1/2 minutes lol, but Stoke, UK - Jan 15, 1973 is pretty damn killer.. Killer sbd recording too, aside from missing half the song. Can't wait to hear the 2018 remastered TSRTS Rain Song.
  10. I'm ready for some remastered companion audio already.
  11. Hmm this is a bit tough when thinking about what song on the album would have made a better opener. The other 6 songs on ITTOD would have made very awkward openers, Wearing & Tearing would have been the only other option but In The Evening is a perfect opener with the extended moment before a classic Page riff. I'll have to say For Your Love would been a better opener on Presence.
  12. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that we get Celebration Day Remastered for the 50th anniversary release.
  13. This is something I have thought about before, for the benefit of showing others how great Zeppelin was live which breaking out Eddie or Blueberry Hill just doesn't work with most people as heavy bass driven, overly produced is what many people tend to listen to.. Enjoying Eddie or Blueberry Hill takes a serious listen for anyone who has never heard a bootleg before. That being said, I must 2nd Paul's suggestion of Houston '77 making for a solid release. Not saying Houston '77 is the best show ever, but between the performance and sound quality it's amongst the most enjoyable shows IMHO. Frankfurt 1980..? Some may find this a silly answer, but I find it a lot easier to get through Frankfurt '80 than Dallas '75.. The only moment I get bored throughout Frankfurt is during White Summer, which allows me time to roll a J before... Montreux '70.. How is this not an official release? A compilation of the '71 NA Tour would be possible between Hampton and Orlando. My own compilation of Royal Albert Hall & Vancouver '70 (Heartbreaker, SIBLY, & Thank You to complete the setlist) would also work. But if Jimmy took this route he better tell us upfront that those 3 tracks are from Vancouver '70 rather than us finding out after buying it lol.
  14. Haha not quite as bad as getting booed on stage, I would imagine.. I have a feeling I will experience that someday if I ever dare get on stage! Anyway, thank you.
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