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  1. It should have been played right where it belongs, after TSRTS instead of MMH.. Would have made the show 2 minutes longer, and twice as better. Would have been pretty damn incredible at that point of the set.
  2. Press coverage and official merchandise.. At least someone here can predict the future. But SERIOUSLY! Why not a f***ing superb audio release of the killer Royal Albert Hall 1970 show!? Yes, we already essentially have it on bootlegs, but I would really enjoy having an official copy of it... Perhaps on Jimmy's upcoming birthday, the 50th anniversary of the RAH show. At least something after the huge disappointment that the remastered TSRTS and HTWWW turned out to be, still can't really figure out what the purpose of those were.
  3. That's actually quite interesting. It's obvious they never did play it because they couldn't afford to transport a hammond organ with them in 1968-1969, then by 1970 on they had too much material to ever go back to it besides the one time in Osaka '71 during WLL plus Thank You showcased Jonsey on it, but if there was a hammond organ used by another band they shared the stage with I wouldn't see it being out of the question for them to take advantage, especially at that time when they seemed to switch up their set list every single night. Damn it sucks there is no recording of it that we know of, but we never had a recording of the Glasgow 1972-12-03 show until like 6 months ago so there is somehow still hope for these things. Just not from the actual band lol maybe hope for a remastered Celebration Day show.
  4. Even if EV released any future unheard soundboard recordings as singles for $50 each (MP3 Download Format, of course), they would still beat what the band releases officially. If they remastered what they have already put out, and included some different mixes along with it, they would be keeping up with what the band releases officially.
  5. I usually stick with Montreux 3-7-70 & Vancouver 3-21-70 for the sound quality, but LA 3-27-70 is enjoyable.
  6. Since I've Been Loving You - LA 6-23-1977.
  7. Sounds very good, Houston was already my go-to '77 SBD show.
  8. That sounds pretty damn good. Where may I get the rest of it!?
  9. Are we allowed to share any of this on the torrent sites?
  10. Dang, did not expect to be listening to this right now. I'm used to hearing of upcoming releases 2 years in advanced. At least someone took it upon themselves to deliver a 50th anniversary release. I highly doubt Page or Empress Valley could have came up with a better release.
  11. Those '72 performances of Thank You were incredible. The possibility of another one ranks at #2 on my holy Grail wish list.
  12. ^^ Tokyo 1971-09-24 during Whole Lotta Love, Jones got on the organ for Your Time Is Gonna Come.
  13. Not saying this is my favorite Rain Song since its missing the first 3 1/2 minutes lol, but Stoke, UK - Jan 15, 1973 is pretty damn killer.. Killer sbd recording too, aside from missing half the song. Can't wait to hear the 2018 remastered TSRTS Rain Song.
  14. I'm ready for some remastered companion audio already.
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