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  1. haha - Thank you Ddladner for comment. I obviously have hidden wanton influences I didn't realise!! I just love those Phys Graf riffs, as an album, more than anything (Kashmr, Trampled, Custard Pie etc) such a great feel, I never fail to get lost in them ...and clearly an influence and I'm feeling rather silly at maybe getting the answer wrong to my own little quiz! The actual riff I thought of after writting my song was more to do with the musical notes in the riff rather than the feel ...hint, in our verse root/octave (x a few) with a semi tone up chord resolution. No one has seen the Zep tribute in the video yet though :-)
  2. Woh! good call ...but not what was originally in my head for the answer ...umm? although, in terms of feel, yours may be a better answer than mine!! (how did I miss that!?) It's an earliier track than this I'm thinking of and it's that's Zep's song's main riff but played in a different way in sections in this song :-)
  3. Thank you very much JTM for listening and responding with nice comments. I'm clearly going to have to work harder to get Zep riffs into my songs !! :-) Thanks!
  4. See lives near us here in Cornwall, has a studio there too - would love to meet her ...love my band Littermouth to be invited to record there, wow! I've seen her in concert a few times; truly hypnotic, musically and visually, although I'd have to say not the sort of music I'd normally immediately go for.
  5. Hi, I'm Steve from Cornwall/Devon UK based band Littermouth. We write and perform original music. I'm the guitarist and, way beyond all others, the one guy that has most driven me to pick up a guitar in the first place and then get lost in the glory of rock music is undoubtedly Sir Jimmy Page, first knight of the Riff! My band Littermouth has just (11th April) released a video to a new recording, which I obviously want to shamelessly plug, but I do hope in this case will have some genuine interest to muso focused Zep fans. While our singer is more Jim Morrison or Anthony Kiedis in vocal range, so not saying our song sounds Zep, myself and the drummer have Page and Bonzo and our all out No 1 influences ....I hope you'll hear that in this song to some degree and thus maybe enjoy it!? So here's a little quiz if you are feeling bored and want a little Zep challenge. I didn't set out to copy, maybe it was something engrained in my brain from years of Zep, but I felt a part of one of my riffs I do in this song always reminds me of a famous Zep riff - which one am I thinking of? Also in the video I do a little tribute to Led Zep ..can you see what it is and where? Prize if anyone interested? Not sure what to do but I'm guessing many chaps and chapesses on here will be a bit like me and, inspired by Zep, have got into playing so if you get the answers I will shamelessly plug your music on my band's facebook page and help give you a new audience (tbh I'd prob do that anyway if you ask and I liked it but, hey, it makes a prize!) and if not doing your own music you can have the glory of Littermouth's 'Zephead of the month' award and name some Zep tracks we tell our followers they shouldn't go through life without hearing! Anyway, enough - here's the new song in video and hope some of you enjoy it. Cheers, Steve https://youtu.be/kvjdWQZ_aKY
  6. I could be wrong but from my you tube search this appears to be the only video out there of Robert doing Gloria and he does it really well and him and the band are clealy enjoying themselves.
  7. Thank you Deborah, glad you enjoyed it, I've just posted another one on this same forum, them doing 'Gloria' at the same event. Not much more footage postable from my video there, probably too much beer or whatever and enjoying it rather than videoing it ...but glad I did. i might do a bit of a mash up video as I've Robert doing a good round of 'baby baby babies' and 'push push' and a nice 'take it to the bridge' (glad he's found that confounded thing at last!) ...plus quite a bit of him doing some not half bad lead guitar!
  8. Hi fellow Zepheads. Another from my old personal video collection of Robert Plant and the Priory of Brion playing at Fairport Conventions Cropredy Festival back in 2000. Excuse the wobbly video but I think the band enjoy themselves on this one and I quite like what Kevyn Gammond plays on this ...and the way he leaps about! Anyway hope you enjoy it! http://youtu.be/0UMxlX7Yjg0
  9. Hi there fellow Zep fans. I was going through my old Hi8 video tapes and found this from 11th August 2000. Robert Plant (with the Priory of Brion) playing Hey Joe at Fairport Convention's Cropredy Festival, nr Banbury, UK. Just the one video angle from the crowd and a bit wobbly in places on the zoom ins and hasn't picked up the audio bass end brilliantly but it captures the live performance quite well I think and it was done with probably the best quality non pro camcorder of that time, Hi8, so visually not too bad - it's hopefully something Zep & Plant fans will enjoy so I'm dusting off the cobwebs and putting it out there to share. I think Robert was in good form that night but although the band was OK, and did interesting quirky arrangements, it doesn't have quite the guitar dynamics I come to expect and relish with Planty but I still enjoyed listening to it. http://youtu.be/71y2JverhEc
  10. Had mothership on in the car this evening, generally favour CD2 but really enjoyed CD1 tonight.
  11. Oh!? sorry to have offended, a rather narrow minded outlook I think. Just an idea after hearing this band to look at how Zep still have influence on new bands instead of endless tired old posts about the same old established acts, I wasn't saying they were like Zep, no one could be, just liked the idea there was an influence in there and after all these years Zep still do that to new acts, which I think is fantastic and worth celebrating. Many of the american blues masters listened to early Zeps renditions of Willie Dixon et all blues songs and gave much the same sort of answer as you've just done but about Zep, who were just experimenting with cross atlantic musical influences they were discovering. Glad they didn't listen to the negatives that were thrown at them at the time as I think they developed it rather well! Anyway I was hoping someone might post some other bands on here.
  12. Interesting post, damn I hope they do accept it'll never be Bonzo back there but still want to enjoying doing it before it's too late. 25 straight nights at the O2 should allow us to have a chance of getting tickets!
  13. Hi, is there a big Zep following in Italy still, bands still sounding like them?
  14. Wow great photos, loads I hadn't seen before!
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