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  1. Got it in 1985 as well. One of my first books on Zeppelin.
  2. I also got an email last Thursday saying that my Vinyl was shipped. I hope it will arrive the coming week.
  3. I haven't heard anything except for an email on 3 November concerning the delay. Up to now I haven't got any news and I am still waiting for my Vynil. I live in the Netherlands so it may take longer before they sent my order which I placed as soon as the release was announced in August.
  4. I voted The song remains the same, but the version on How the west was won is also great .
  5. I also love the guitar solo on this version, especially the original soundtrack album
  6. I got an unnumberd copy of the 4th album as wel and a numbered one of HOTH 4871. I also pre-ordered them at amazon uk on the day they were online..
  7. According to Mick Wall"s biography it was on August 19 1968, a day before Plants twentieth birthday. But I also read somewhere that it was August 12 1968. Don"t know which date is correct.
  8. Best live; No Quarter73/75 , Since I"ve been loving you 72/73, Heartbreaker,72/75, Dazed and Confused (73 TSTTS), Kashmir (Knebworth, and O2) The Worst I can remember was Live Aid.
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