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  1. Well, I learned guitar for two years or so, but I just couldn't play something I wanted, like some early rock'n'roll. But I wanted to pursue with this dream. But after I discovered Led Zeppelin, it suddenly inspired me to leave the guitar and become a vocalist. And it's better! I really was the worst guitarist in the world! ) Zeppelinesque!
  2. I have a The Song Remains The Same t-shirt and I'm looking forward to buy one with the symbols.
  3. Dazed And Confused, of course! The SRTS version is perfect for you to lay down on your bed or couch and let yourself live the music, lose yourself in it. It's just great. Zeppelinesque!
  4. Led Zeppelin I - Communication Breakdown Led Zeppelin II - Whole Lotta Love (yep, the first track) Led Zeppelin III - Immigrant Song or Gallows Pole? I can't really decide. Led Zeppelin IV - When The Levee Breaks Houses Of The Holy - Dancing Days Physical Graffiti CD 1 - Kashmir Physical Graffiti CD 2 - In The Light (that dark guitar riff has its balls) Presence - Tea For One (the opening riff) In Through The Out Door - Carouselambra CODA - Poor Tom Zeppelinesque!
  5. You must hear Robert Plant's solo albums. Zeppelinesque!

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