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  1. A little info on some fan-clubs out there. I thought the purpose was to indulge in what you like about your fav band, not to have a mission to discredit Led Zeppelin/Jimmy Page. This is what is currently taking place by Ritchie Blackm0re (fan club dude, not the real guy) who develops websites (currently, more than 20) for such a purpose. You log on to challenge him and he will soon block you. Isn't this a little nuts?
  2. Not so much a conspiracy as a fact. I've recently noticed a website troll that goes by Ritchie Blackm0re (fan club dude) sets up websites to discredit Led Zeppelin. If you log on to challenge him he blocks you. I guess this is some vain effort in dirty politics to elevate Deep Purple, whom I used to like. Now, not so much....
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