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  1. Skin 'em up and chop 'em out, Doom's gonna get high there ain't no doubt
  2. Dey think dey's da shit, but dey's full of it, cos I's da shit - know it, rispekk.
  3. Great result for the Baggies. Man U are history. Toast.
  4. I was looking through those Diet Coke bottles with people's names on, trying to find one for my girlfriend. Couldn't find it, but I did find mine, which was very surprising because I have a fairly unusual name. Awesome.
  5. "A million magic crystals painted pure and white, a multi-million dollars almost overnight"
  6. Hi JTM. Being a tea-head myself, I can relate to this, totally. If I were you, I would sent it back. At the moment, well for the last 3 months actually, I have been drinking Lapsang Souchong, exclusively. Whenever circumstances dictate that I am forced to endure normal tea, that always tastes piss-weak. Always.
  7. I bought my first USB cigarette yesterday. The tip glows blue. Not happy about that.
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