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    Palm Springs, Calfornia
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    Besides Led Zeppelin? Acting (career), reading/writing, making music of my own. Like to smoke my stuff and drink my wine (less of the latter, more of the former), although I can't say I've ever known a woman who was unkind...

    (Wow, that last bit was far cheesier than it was meant to be. Whatever, I'll own it!)

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  1. You're forgetting that 30+ minutes of each concert consists of Dazed and Confused, once they reach the point where Page can play the setlist they originally intended, anyway (February-On). That's huge chunk of the concert dedicated to first album material, right there. Besides, as long as they played at least one song from each album (which they did), then it technically IS a retrospective, albeit not necessarily a thorough one.
  2. Not much beats 3.19.75, 3.09.70, or 6.27.72 for me...
  3. Will download right now. What is the best version of the show to get? Or is the Millard recording complete?
  4. I'll throw my vote in for a three-way tie, depending on which era of live Zepp is one's preferred prescription: 3.09.70 at Montreax for earlier Zepp; 5.31.73 at Inglewood for middle-era Zepp; 6.21.77 or 6.23.77 also at Inglewood for later Zepp (depending on whether you prefer a more energetic show [21st] or a more consistent show [23rd]).
  5. ^^^ YouTube is my best friend where areas like this are concerned. You were right, Strider, 6/25/77 is excellent. Would you say that entire show is worth getting? I have three from the LA run already: 6/21, 23, and 26...is the show as a whole as solid as, say, the 23rd? I'd hate to download an entire show just grab one song I want. Any other killer versions at this show?
  6. Hey everyone! First day here. My favorite is 6-21-77. Probably the best ever. Consistent, strong, hypnotic, no errors. Love it. One of my all-time favorite songs too!
  7. Hey there, everyone! New around here. Searched for a NQ topic to discuss and I was not disappointed. Besides, this thing could use a bump. Not enough discussing going on about this fine track! You, sir, have just touched on a topic that suddenly makes me most curious: How many versions of the song can be said to have Robert hitting those high notes in the refrain? I have only recently begun perusing (and I mean that in the most intense way possible ) the versions of NQ from post-75, always afraid of what I was going to hear. (I have been liking my '77s lately though...) To date, the only versions I've heard where he can do it it this one, 6-23. Any known others? If so, how many, and where/when? (I know that this alone does not a good NQ make, btw. It's just a small portion of the song, but one I am nevertheless curious about,) Glad to be here, and thanks in advance for answers! [Edited for spelling, and to add that I'm new here]
  8. Hey there, fellow Led-Heads! Just found out about this forum, this...magical den of wonders! After painstakingly rebuilding my once-respectable show collection using recommendations I've seen given to others on this board, I knew I just had to join up and start discussing. My name is Ryan, I live in California, in the middle of the freaking desert (Palm Springs). Been a Zepp fan since I was about 12. 19 now, and still going strong! Glad to be here!
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