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  1. OK! Here is what I heard today from a rock writer in Detroit. He said : PLANT HAS SIGNED ON TO DO THE ZEP TOUR IN THE SUMMER OF 2009. All the other members have been in rehersals the past few months. Let the debate begin!!! HA! HA! Wild Bill
  2. I would be happy to see them in The Garden if they don't play Chicago or near Milwaukee. I went to New York for the first time last St Patrick day weekend. WOW!!! What a great place!! The people are so nice!! OH! YES! They were!! Went to a Knicks game and saw the wall of fame. HOW COOL!!! So many great concert posters of Led Zep and others!! I would love to go back there and see them!!
  3. That would be a good idea! They can fit 500,000 or more there! WOW! The city of Toronto and Niagra could here them!! HA! HA!
  4. OK! The tour can start in your back yard and then move on to my yard!! But there is some great news coming from Jimmy page! Maybe after September???
  5. I was at the Stones show and Downsview park was great!! But, I would like them to play arenas. (OH! YES! That will happen!! NOT!!!) Milwaukee Wi USA could be a good place to start the tour!! HA! HA! My back yard would work best for me!!! HA! HA!!
  6. OK! I am starting a rumor that Led Zep will be playing in Milwaukee WI for Harley's 105th at Miller Park! With Areosmith and Kid Rock!!
  7. OH! Yes! That would be great!!
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