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  1. That show on History Channel on Ancient Aliens is really good. I watch it all the time but the host is wacky looking.
  2. I worked on the fifth floor on Potomac River side. I was not there in 2001 but I had friends inside. Not hurt though.
  3. None of my friends like them. They think they are overrated and outdated.
  4. I heard Jimmy Page has arthritis and cannot play guitar anymore or not very well. Maybe he did not want to do the concert since people would compare his skills to those when he was a young man. Also, Jimmy does so many charities and helps the poor children in Brazil and Thailand and other places so I am sure he would have done this if he was able since it was a charity show. He looks pretty healthy in photos but he could have something going on health wise internally that would not be obvious. He is 70 right? Or almost 70? So he probably has some health issues related to long term heroin and a
  5. "According to David Buckley, the author of the book "Strange Fascination: David Bowie: The Definitive Story," Bowie's diet at the time consisted of cocaine, peppers and milk, and he lived in "a state of psychic terror." Interviews published in Playboy and Rolling Stone depicted Bowie surrounding himself with burning black candles and Egyptian artifacts and believing that bodies were floating past his window, witches were stealing his semen and that the Rolling Stones were sending him secret messages. He lived in fear of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, owing to his supposed practice of witch
  6. I would like to see Jeff Beck with reddish brown hair and a few more wrinkle removers and he would look really young. Jeff Beck has a pretty good body though for his age---no fatness and toned arms. I read he works on cars and never has been in the drug thing. He seems rather conservative to me compared to the other rock stars of that era. Jimmy Page also is still handsome but I would cut the hair and maybe dye it back black and also a bit of botox around the eyes would make Jimmy look 10 years younger. Jimmy could still get movie roles I think--he still has the Hollywood charisma going on and
  7. There really was nothing on TV coverage that showed any debris from the plane or anything, just a hole in the building and a fire I think. I read there was an eyewitness in South Parking that saw the plane go in, but it is still a mystery as to where all the debris went as well as the people on board. I find it hard to imagine the whole jet vaporized.
  8. LOL --that photo==arrrrg. He does not look young in that pic but still maybe could pass for 55-56 years not 68. I think with some juvederm cheek wrinkle fillers and botox he could look under 50. Brian Wilson looks total grandpa--the Beach Boy he is touring with or should I say Beach Grandpa--LOL.....
  9. Maybe Mr. Page is fully retired. Who knows. If he has arthritis and low energy, it would be hard to do guitar. He will be 70 soon. Beck is close to that age but Jeff Beck seems 40 --- full of energy and new techniques, plus a teenager's body. The other rock stars of that age group must marvel at Jeff Beck, who has high energy and stamina like a 20 year old. I don't think Beck ever got into drugs or parties very much though and was rewarded with good health. He seems fairly "straight" as far as the "hard living rock world culture" goes and because of his good health, is still very much relevant
  10. There were no photos of the plane that went in the Pentagon on 9/11 or evidence of it. That was strange too--did the whole thing vaporize? I used to work there and it is a big building.
  11. Jeff Beck looks young and has so much energy. His body looks 35 and face maybe 50ish but he is like 68!!! LOL.....incredible. Plus his energy level onstage and technical prowness is so incredible. He says he practices the guitar every day to keep up the world class technique. Whatever, his renditions of the opera NESSUM DORMA are amazing and beautiful. He also seems humble and kindly for having such an incredible musical gift. I adore Jimmy Page who also seems kindly and glad Jeff Beck is his friend.
  12. Any thoughts on the Illuminati or the Bilderbergers? The Bilderbergers (most powerful people in the world) apparently meet once a year at a hidden location. I also heard the Rothchilds ( a banking dynasty from Europe starting in 1700's) are the most powerful family in the world in terms of wealth and power yet they are somewhat obscure from the media. And on a more important note, why does Jeff Beck look so young??? His body looks 30 and his face looks 50 but he is like 68!!!!!
  13. Seems like it would go for a lot more than $47,000. Seems suspicious to me like a fake ad.
  14. The cat is so cute. It looks like it is singing or talking.
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