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  1. Chef, you so right. The audience recorded tapes add so much life to the overall performance. Just recently, someone release an audience recording of the july 17 - 1977 Seattle show that we have been watching on video tape/dvd for years. I look at the performance so much better now having a recording that matches the performance. I have a few 80/Europe shows that are the same. The soundboards have little "life" to them. Very dry for sure. For me, I especially love the few minutes that precede the show. For example - on listen to this eddie, the first 2 minutes before the band kicks int
  2. fwb

    Seattle 1977

    I wish I was better at posting and moving things, I'm not. Someone here, recently, posted a audience recording of the 7/17/77 Kingdome show in Seattle. We have all seen the footage over the years. The audio very 'dry' and just not good. This audience recording is 100x better. It adds life to the recording. Gives me a whole new perspective on that show. Now I happen to be a fan of the 77 tour, warts and all. But it would be great to see someone match up the audio to the video we all have seen. Makes me wonder how something like this recording just shows up after 40 years
  3. I'll buy anything that is put out, sure a lot of you are the same. That being said, its true - Led Zeppelin ended in 1980. I understand the link to Jason and the O2 show was great and done for a great reason. But the fact that they realized that they were the 4 of them ONLY and called it quits is something I really have always admired from them. Unlike most every other band. They had their time of dominance and since then, the legend has grown and grown. Thank God what they have given us. I'm looking forward to anything I can get.
  4. I look at this website, mostly the message boards to see if there is anything new going on. Especially with Jimmy Page announcing possible future releases to celebrate Zep's 50th anniversary later this year. We are all wild with speculation and wondering what we might be getting. I also look a lot at Dave Lewis' site, Tight But Loose. Dave seems like a great guy, he has brought Zeppelin to life for all of us for many years. In celebration of Jimmy Page's birthday, Dave ran a re-run article from one of his magazines from, I believe, 2014. It was during Page's tour for the re-release
  5. I might be like most of you, I go through times were I listen to only one album for awhile. Times when I only listen to live or bootleg stuff. I don't seem to mix it up as much. Like Presence before it, maybe ITTOD suffers from a lack of overall variety we got use to on the first 6 studio albums. Would ITTOD be felt of differently if an acoustic number (perhaps a finished swan song) and/or wearing and tearing were on it? Maybe. Regardless, its a great album. I do wish Carouselumbras vocals were more audible (like on companion cd). But Fool in the Rain has become when of my favorite so
  6. Good one. When you turn up the volume way up and play the first disc of the Zeppelin DVD from 2003 - hear Bonham test his drum kit and WHAM!!!! What a show that Royal Albert Hall was ..... Great opening number for the DVD.
  7. Early on, they opened with Train Kept A Rollin or the Immigrant Song. Rock n Roll in 73 or 75. The Song Remains the Same seemed perfect for the opening song on the 77 tour. Ironically, Train Kept a Rollin for their last (not knowing). I think they all were fitting for their time. Question is - if you could change or you could have named the opening song for a future tour (say Zeppelin over America 80/81) - What would it be? Like most things Zeppelin, I have multiple choices, no losers here. But, I seem to gravitate to a song that has a long intro like In the Light or In the
  8. Forgive me if this might fit under another subject brought up already, like Presence (which is really about liking the album etcetc.) What I wanted to see is why people think that Presence wasn't the commercial success that almost all other Zeppelin albums were. When I was discovering Zeppelin on my own (after hearing it over and over from my younger siblings) in the 1980's, I honestly didn't even give Presence the time of day at first. When CDs became all the rage - I got them, one at a time. I had heard all the classics from the other albums over and over. To this day, except f
  9. I remember the excitement in 1994 to hear that Robert and Jimmy were getting together to do what would become the "Unledded" program and subsequent tour. I really had no problem them doing it without John Paul Jones. Even though it was somewhat of a reunion I always respected most that they called it quits in 1980 upon John's death. That being said, I liked the program the night I saw it, but probably never appreciated the true musicianship for at least a few years. Many people I knew just wanted to see them play it like the album etcetc .... I did get to see the boys a few times t
  10. I was driving somewhere just before and the studio version of Whole Lotta Love came on. I was by myself, so I really jacked the volume up. I hadn't really listened to the studio version in awhile (even when its on radio, I am so use to hearing it, I paid no mind to it). I do love most of the live version of the song and the improv that usually accompanies it. But after hearing the studio version today, I have to go with WLL studio. With headphones on, the recording is so heavy, so menacing. It's captured so perfectly. One of the great things about Zep is that sometimes they do enough di
  11. Yeah, maybe I could have worded it a bit differently. But other than the songs that are overplayed on the radio like Stairway, Rock 'n' Roll, Dancing Days (to name just a few), I really have no preference between the studio and live versions. Of course, when a song has improvisation like Trampled or Dazed and Confused, it brings it to another level, almost another song. But for me, Celebration Day is one song that I find really only wanting to hear live. Just seems like it has that extra energy live it didn't have in the studio. Maybe just me, and its only a few songs.
  12. Like most of you, I find myself listening to bootlegs and live recordings a majority of the time. I see listings to favorite live versions of songs and the various opinions on each. My question was - is there a song or songs that you feel are better in their live versions (or one particular version) than they are on the original studio album? For example, I find live versions of Celebration Day to be a lot better than the version on Zep III. Maybe a little more energy or whatever. But Celebration Day from TSRTS is amazing. I also find the shorter versions of No Quarter from the 73 tour a
  13. I am interested to see how this topic goes. I brought this up because my feeling is this - Peter Grant and the Zeppelin camp have usually made this front that bootleggers were bad and this and that. When in fact, for us hardcore fans, all we have is the live shows that leak out to either look forward too or look back and compare. Their our topics on this board like the best live Rain Song. We can go to you tube and find at least 15 versions not from The Song Remains the Same. It keeps the flame alive. My second favorite band (a distant second, mind you) is Van Halen (Roth only). The id
  14. I've been a huge Zeppelin fan, like most of you, for most of my life. Being the youngest of 4, I heard a lot of it until I became a real listener when I was a young teen. When I was in high school, I listened to all the albums that had been released in their time (I was too young to see them when they were active). I also was a frequent visitor to a flea market that sold bootleg Zeppelin cd's. I believe all of the bootlegs were of live performances. No studio outtakes or the like. I remember their being an abundance of stuff from the 'Over Europe' tour from 1980. In regards to those bo
  15. I live in the New York area. Many of you probably are familiar with Carol Miller and her long time hosting of the (Monday to Friday) "Get the Led Out" program she does. Its like most of its kind - a couple of songs, a story to match the calendar day and anything currently breaking. This past Friday, she made mention of the story about Robert discussing finding some 'hidden gems' that might be worthy of inclusion in the upcoming remastered albums. One interesting thing Carol did mention, that I had not heard, is that the albums were to begin coming out around not, BUT, were being delayed si
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