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  1. this may have already been beaten to death here...but right now Eddie has this on his site. "Work is underway on a complete re-write of The Garden Tapes that will not only cover the new releases, but will also incorporate additional information about the original releases and correct a number of errors, omissions and over-simplifications. Unfortunately, I have to ask all Garden Tapes readers to be patient as my time is limited at the moment because of a number of personal issues. I will get the new version completed as quickly as I can and I very much hope you will find it worth waiting fo
  2. nice piece of memorabilia there! I love technology...$40 for a VHS over 20 years ago...and I just got the remastered DVD for $13.
  3. I had a very rare streak of patience which paid off for me saving a few bucks. Hastings ran this on add on Nov. 20 for $13.99; Best Buy was $16.99 and Wal-Mart is $25.99!!! But my local Hastings could not find the 3 copies they showed on hand until today! Because I picked up a raincheck for it on the 20th, I save another dollar. Yes, I was really eager to get this in my hands, but $12.99 is pretty sweet! I haven't played it on my DTS system/big screen as yet, but I'm quite impressed at this point with the audio and video improvements just from playing disc 2 on my 32" NTSC and analog stereo r
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