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  1. Most amusing. That was Mr. Plant's day job back in the day. Before he joined Zep he laid tarmack.
  2. Indie cello rock by Rasputina, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3YSdy8vEo-I
  3. Yes it sucks but the articles are pointing out a pattern. There would be no such articles if JP was pulling a George Clooney and dating a super hot, super accomplished woman within a few decades of his own age. But he's repeating the pattern he's had his entire life. His breakups with Charlotte, Patricia & Jimena all occured when they reached their 30s. Mid 30s seems to be the cut off for Mr. Page. So this new one has a good 10 years before she's turned out.
  4. Haha, doubt it. I always got this gut feeling the angel with a broken wing was a specific person, not just a personality trait. Only Mr. Page knows and doubt he will ever tell, even posthumously. If you think analytically what an angel with a broken wing is - An angel is a being with abilities beyond the human sphere. A broken wing implies that person can neither return above or below, leaving them on earth free to serve the Lord of their choosing. Now that means something completely different, doesn't it? I don't recall him making any mention of this ficticious creature in many years.
  5. The house was purchased in 1970 in dire need of restoration. Richard Harris purchased it and restored it based on the original architectural documents. That's where the $275k upcharge came from. I bought a historic home once and attempted to restore it. Worse than a boat - a hole in the floor to pour money into. JP was wise to sit back and wait for some other poor schmuck to sink his cash into a major project like that.
  6. I am married to a younger man. Not a ridiculous age gap but enough that when we started dating almost 20 years ago we had to have the "do you want a child" convo early on. If the age difference is less than 20 years the novelty & strangness wears off after about 6 months. Beyond that I think communication becomes an issue if its younger woman/older man or younger man/older woman. This "relationship" is beneficial for both their careers and public image. And looks like they are having fun with it to boot. But this is a pattern that Mr. Page has maintained his entire life. No one need be
  7. Great photo Strider. Love the Goblin shirt!
  8. It is difficult to separate the art from the artist. In the same way a person that is really into cars, wants to know all the nuances of the engine, people are interested in the artists inner workings and motivations. Years ago I read "The Secret Life of Salvador Dali". It was fascinating to go to the museum and see the influence of childhood experiences, his relationship with his father, or most importantly, his relationship with Gala in the art. Mr. Page has chosen to be vague about his personal life. That is his right. I'm sure his children appreciate that. Not so sure about the women i
  9. Not sure why Scarlet's comment touched a nerve. She pretty much nailed the root cause of most bankruptcies in the entertainment business. It's a cliché' of the young wide eyed entertainer that gets "discovered". They are treated like the boy king or pretty princess as long they are raking in cash for their corporate sponsors. They are jetted around and provided with every excess they can imagine. When their moment in the sun is over, they realize far too late that all the money they were making went to corporations. Many still owe their pimps millions once their fame is gone. It's very dif
  10. This is one of my favorite albums as well. Heart in Your Hand is my favorite cut. It has the same haunting sorrow as Tangerine. The bluesy feel to this album was so different than the LZ days. The LZ blues were all youthful macho angst, anxiety and libido. Walking into Clarksdale was real blues by grown men that had experienced real loss and disappointment. Those songs reflected a person making some very painful assessments of one's life. At least that's my take on it.
  11. Haha! You are correct. I supposed I should have said "Sit down to tea". After a few weeks in the UK I was no longer grossed out by beans for breakfast.
  12. Why do so many JP fans hate Ross? I think he's hilarious. I love his diary. He lives a glamorous life most people would kill for. I saw him in NYC 11/5. I wanted to go up to him and tell him I loved his photo of the tiger and shadow. He said he took it in his apartment on a rainy day. It makes me think of spirit in inanimate objects. Anyway when I went to walk towards him he was chatting it up with this hot Asian girl. I'm sure he would not have wanted to be interrupted. JP never seems to look like he's being held against his will with Ross. They are probably much more alike than JP fa
  13. My husband joked that JP should do a collaboration with Bjork titled "We aren't Asian"
  14. Strider, that was a lovely account of your experience. Thanks for letting us all experience it with you. I'm sure Mr. Page will enjoy listening to your 45s back home. He'll probably think to himself "These came from that very nice chap in Los Angeles" while he listens to them.
  15. Lovely story Hans. I remember you. Thanks for sharing and welcome.
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