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  1. Nothing new here. This term has been around for a long long time. Separatism is a term mostly used by english-speaking people. 'cause it's always been scarier than sovereigntist or independantist. And I would like to answer your other post, but my english knowledge is a little bit too poor. Would be simpler if I could express myself in French. But then again, I think that don't speak it nor read it.
  2. Well, I would like to see Quebec be independant one of these days just like I would love to see Canada being independant from Great- Britain. Federalism has never worked. Mainly because each provinces have its own history, its own culture, etc. Someone from Nova-Scotia doesn't think like someone from B.C. They don't share the same 'reality'. And, technically speaking, yes, I am Canadian. Last time I check I was living in Montreal! But in the bottom of my heart, Quebec is my country. I was speaking the other day with a friend of mine who's from New-Brunswick and he told me that, for him, Acady was his country. I'm sure you're proud to be Canadian and I know there's a lot to be proud of, I respect that, but my heart, my conscience and my convictions tells me that my real country is Quebec. Why would a Lady from another country, another Nation be my Queen? I'm French, so why a British monarch should reign over me? In other words, I'm a republican who's fighting to see one day, the Republic of Quebec. Simple as that. Question of convictions.
  3. I'm not sure if I understand your point of view correctly. Are you a monarchist? 'cause my post was about that. I don't dislike the English people, far from it. I dislike their Crown. What it has done to my people, through History. They tried to forbid our culture, our religion, our tongue, etc. Sure, that was years ago, but they never gave any excuses at all. I think some of my Scots and Irish brothers and sisters will understand what i'm saying. I'd love to be proud of being Canadian. But it is a immense and beautiful country that is not mine.
  4. T'was a very clean and pacifist protest. We have nothing against Charles. Only against what he represent. Against something that we, "French-Canadians", never wanted. That was force down our throats. It's about time we get rid of this archaic thing that is the Crown. We're not in 1558 anymore. Would be better for us all with a Republic of Canada. Even though I'm an Independandist.
  5. the Dragon Suit the ZOSO the Bow the Gibson EDS-1275 the Theremin
  6. The man got some nerves to come back in Montreal...
  7. First I'd go see a girl I know... in order to do so nasty things with her! I'd go see my family, my friends... I'd Listen one more time Electric Ladyland and Zuma and On The Beach and Dark Side of The Moon and LZ III and some Zappa... Play guitar. Smoke one last reefer while listening to Bach's Little Fugue in G minor. Ask everybody I know to gather around my dying body, waiting for my last breath. In My Time of Dying would be playing, then Mozart's Requiem.
  8. WTF??? That was totally unexpected... Another fucking sad news... I dunno what to say... I'm glad I catched Blue Cheer in show 2 years ago. Sure wasn't 1968...Still it was an intense gig in a small club. I was literally at his feet. Could nearly smell his breath!! Even got to shake his hand!! May his soul rest in peace up there... See you one of these days, Dickie.
  9. My vote goes to That's The Way. Because of the pedal steel guitar. It makes me weeps. Honorable mentions to Since' and The Rain Song.
  10. In my Sanctuary, waiting on a friend who went p*ssing, waiting to go out and drink like Rockstars! Osibisa's first record was playing on the turntable which explain my ecstatic facies.
  11. Well, my theory is: If you stop listening to your favorite music because you got married and all... It might only be because you don't really love music. A true music lover will pass the torch to his/her childrens. Keep on rocking, good people out there!
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